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The .44 Revolver is a revolver that appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

MK45   Vulture   .44 Revolver    
.44 Revolver
MC3-.44 Revolver
Likely based onColt Anaconda
UsersKPR Alliance
Phantom Unit
Rate of fire90 RPM max
Range10m (one-hit kill)
15m (one-hit kill, FMJ)
65m maximum
Magazine size6 rounds
Starting ammo6/60 rounds
Reloading4 seconds
Fire modeSingle-action
UnlockedRank 82
CostMC3 Credit22,000

The .44 Revolver is a very uncommon sidearm in the campaign and multiplayer with high damage, high recoil, a low fire rate, medium accuracy. Being a revolver, its capacity is limited, with its cylinder holding 6 rounds, and Extended magazine is not available. The .44 makes up with these downsides with the highest damage per shot of all handguns, capable of downing enemies in one shot in close range.


The .44 first appears in Thunder Hill, laying on the ground in the garage. It is also provided as the default sidearm in Surgical Strikes.

Appears in Used by
Thunder Hill James Walker
Surgical Strikes James Walker

Just like in multiplayer, the .44 Revolver retains its fantastic damage, being able to down enemies in one shot fairly easily, making it a deadly sidearm. However, the reload speed, just like in multiplayer, is very slow.


Unlocked at Rank 82, the .44 Revolver is extremely uncommon online, due to its high unlock rank and low accuracy compared to the MK45 and the Vulture, and the 6 round cylinder. The one-hit kill range is 10 metres. The only attachment is FMJ which increases its one-hit kill range to 15 metres. The .44 Revolver is seen by most players as a sort of status symbol for high level players due to the large amount of play time required to unlock it, with additional time needed to master it. The .44 Revolver can be very deadly in the right hands, however.

  • Highest damage of all handguns
  • Good one-shot kill range
  • Good mobility and handling
  • Accuracy
  • Good iron sights
  • Low rate of fire
  • High unlock level
  • Small cylinder capacity (6 rounds)
  • Slow reload

Optional attachmentEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The words "Dark Side Powder" can be seen engraved on the barrel.
  • This weapon is succeeded by the Black Mamba in Modern Combat 4.
  • The weapon can made to fire faster by tapping the fire and aim down sight buttons at the same time rapidly.


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