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 None - Operation Sandstorm 

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Transcript for this mission

}} Back in Business is the first mission of Modern Combat: Sandstorm. Giving the player control of Lieutenant Warrens, the level sees Warrens reunite with his squad after an injury-related absence, and is primarily designed to teach new players how to play the game.


After an injury-related absence, Chief Warrent Officer Warrens retuns to his squad at the front lines. After a brief chat with his squadmates, Captain Jones takes Warrens on a training session in weapons and movement, before Warrens boards a Huey for transport to the squad's next assignment.


Since this level is designed to teach new players the mechanics of the game, it's all very simple and linear.

As soon as the player exits the Huey, follow Vendette's instructions to learn how how look around. Follow him as he moves toward Khris, then continue on through the building and around the corner to meet your squad. After a little introduction to each of the players squadmates, Jones wants to do a "quick practice run", so follow his lead. The next few areas teach the player about mantling, as well as crouching and how damage works.

Now for the fun part, the shooting range. First, grab some ammo for the MN106 and grab the Benelli M4 as a secondary weapon. Jones will teach the player how to shoot, use the iron sights for increased accuracy, how to throw grenades, and how to perform a melee hit.

Lastly, as Jones says, it's time for the player to put it all together. The final area is basically a shooting range. Targets pop up, and the player must eliminate them while moving through the course. The targets can be ignored if the player chooses to do so. After the drop down, move towards the end to board another Huey and complete the mission.


Starting Loadout[]

Found in Level[]




  • Zero Hour: Hit every target during boot camp.


  • All the random soldiers around the camp are named after Gameloft employees.
  • Despite the warning in the briefing, you cannot shoot your allies.
  • If Warrens is killed, the mission will automatically restart from the beginning.
  • If the files of the Android version are inspected, it is revealed in an audio file that Jones would have taught the player how to throw back grenades. This line is never heard in the game

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