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Unified Terror
MC4-Unified Terror
ObjectiveSupport the bomb planting teams
CharacterEdward Page
FactionSGS Militia
LocationWar Crimes Investigation Bureau (WCIB), Seattle, Washington, USA United States
Multiplayer mapOvertime

Unified Terror is the second mission in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour's campaign.

Plot Edit

Edward Page and his team of soldiers must plant 3 bombs in the WCI tower in Seattle. One in the parking lot underground, on the 15th floor, then finally, the top floor. Page (player) and Everett Saunders will travel their way to blow up the tower.

Page, Saunders, and a few soldiers infiltrate the building by riding in delivery vans. They separate to complete their specific objectives. After a close escape from a couple of US soldiers, Page holsters his Black Mamba and starts muttering hate about the US as he continues throughout the level. After they make it up to the tower via an elevator, Page acquires codes from a terminal, saying that "I might as well acquire codes for the American drone network". After he acquires the codes, Saunders plants the bomb. Once they're done, they are extracted from the 78th level by a helicopter of theirs. The bombs explode at the moment of taking off.

Equipment Edit

Initial equipment


Video walkthrough Edit

Modern Combat 4 Misson 2 on iPad 4

Modern Combat 4 Misson 2 on iPad 4

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Misson 2 on iPad 4

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Trivia Edit

MC4-Unified Terror

Reversed American flag in loading screen

Unified Terror American flag

And now it isn't.

  • This is the only campaign mission in the series in which the player can carry four weapons.
  • The loading screen of Unified Terror shows the American flag placed backwards. However, when viewing the actual point in gameplay, the American flag is placed the correct way round.
  • This is the first mission in the series where the playable character is the antagonist.
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