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Extraction is the fourth mission of Modern Combat: Sandstorm. In this mission, Lieutenant Warrens and his squad attempt to protect a local palace they are taking refuge in.

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Warrens and his squad have taken shelter in a local palace for protection from local resistance. A vehicle has been sent to pick up the squad, but until then, they're on their own...

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This level is very simplistic. All the player needs to do is follow directions.

Initially, the player has free roam of the palace and a loadout consisting of a MN106 and an AK-47. Swap one for the RPG-7 in the Weapons Crate at the back. It's vital for when tanks appear. Move to the window Jones indicates and begin fighting off waves of enemies. Soon a pair of tanks will show up. Blow them up with the RPG-7 and keep fighting. Jones will soon tell the player to go assist Dozer on the left side of the palace. Go to where Dozer is and kill more enemy infantry, just like at the front. After a few waves, Jones will tell the player to return to the front of the palace. Soon after, the player will be told to do the same thing on the other side.

In short time, Jackson will be killed and the player will be told to take his place on the Turret. After a few easy waves on the gun, the player will be forced up to the upper level, where a few last waves of enemies will attack, before the rescue [[|US Light Utility Vehicle|Humvee]] arrives and the level ends.


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  • The Humvee that arrives to rescue the player can be seen through by looking at the gunner's hole on top.
  • Fox will call out RPG gunners, even when the player is with Dozer.
  • Ryan will call out RPG gunners, but he is nowhere to be seen.
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