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 Thunder Hill - Chase 

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Transcript for this mission


The intel recovered in the NSA building indicates that Alaska may be the next target for enemy invasion. After Razor Squad goes MIA while performing recon in the Alaskan wilderness, Walker and his team are sent there to rescue the team and thwart an enemy attack.

Hostile Territories is the fourth mission in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. It is the first mission with Phantom Unit.


Downs and Walker aboard a Black Hawk at the start of the mission.

Phantom Unit, consisting of Cpl. Walker and Sgt. Downs were sent to Alaska to locate Razor Squad, after they went MIA before the invasion. The intel recovered in Los Angeles indicated that Alaska might be the next target for enemy invasion. While traveling aboard the helo, Phantom Unit's chopper was shot down by an enemy jet, causing Walker to fall out of the helicopter. Walker managed to rescue Downs from enemies holding him hostile, but their pilot was killed, leaving them alone to search for Razor Squad.

The team managed to sneak through a few KPR soldiers nearby, but soon triggered their attention which led them to be cornered at a bridge. With no means of escape, the team jumped above an incoming truck coming from the highway below them. They soon reached a village occupied by KPR forces and attacked a building filled with KPR troops.

The last two members of Razor Squad. L-R: Starks, Downs, Anderson.

The team reached the top floor and killed several hostiles from the windows and headed for the sawmill where Razor Squad was probably held. The team got to Razor Squad's presumed location, only to find one of its members lying dead on the floor. Downs suggest they head for the shack above the hill where they find Anderson and Starks being tied to chairs. After freeing them, Starks informs Downs and Walker that he is injured and can hardly walk. Downs requests for extraction, but they receive information that the military is holding out in a village fairly far away, and that they are ordered to go there.


Initial equipment





  • There's a sign that has Alaska's population written on it. It reads "Pop. 253,262".


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