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New World Order
ObjectivePlant explosives in the C3 building and escape with the US president
CharacterEdward Page
FactionSaunders Global Security
EnemyUnited States Army
LocationC3 Conference, Iakoo Beach Resort, Kaunakakai, Hawaii, USA United States
Multiplayer mapCongress

New World Order is the fourth mission in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. This mission is played from Edward Page's point of view.

Plot Edit

The mission starts off with Edward Page entering a room in Third-Person. He starts by interrogating president Burke. Page then proceeds to taunt him before Page gets a call from one of his men, saying that they are under attack by escalating numbers of U.S troops. The game then switches to First-Person. Page orders some of his soldiers to bring the president to the extraction point while he helps the rest of his troops eliminate the U.S solders.

After another few minutes Page fights his way to the extraction point and arms a few bombs along the way in the hopes that it will slow down the U.S troops. When he finally makes it to the extraction point, his men notify him that the American forces have disarmed all of his bombs. Page then orders his men to stay behind and guard the extraction point to prevent U.S soldiers from following him. Page successfully escapes with no time to spare. In the next mission, the player must replay this mission, but this time in corporal Blake's point of view.

Equipment Edit

Initial equipment

Video Walkthrough Edit

Modern Combat 4 Mission 4 on iPad 4

Modern Combat 4 Mission 4 on iPad 4

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Mission 4 on iPad 4

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