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Dragon King of the Sea
MC3-Dragon King of the Sea
ObjectiveFind intel on the Yongwang
CharacterJames Walker
FactionPhantom Unit
EnemyKPR Alliance
LocationBering Strait
Multiplayer mapNone

Anderson: ‘Extraction plan?’
Downs: ‘There is no specific plan for that at this time.’
Anderson: ‘Great, another one of those jobs.’

Intel gathered in the KPR base of operations indicates that the Yongwang ("Dragon King of the Sea"), a North Korean aircraft carrier, is currently in the Bering Strait. The enemy flagship is providing air support for the attack on America's western coast, and served as a launch point for the enemy troops. Phantom Unit is sent to board the carrier and search for intel about upcoming targets, as well as the locations of other enemy units.

Dragon King of the Sea is a mission in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. Phantom Unit is sent to a North Korean aircraft carrier to find intel.

Plot Edit

In this mission, Phantom Unit is on a mission to sabotage and collect intel from the Yongwang (Dragon King of the Sea), a North Korean aircraft carrier providing the KPR forces air support and a staging ground for an attack on the US West Coast.

Phantom Unit HALO jumps from a C-130 into the water near the carrier. Walker is nearly killed during the jump due to a parachute malfunction, and passes out.

After boarding the ship, Phantom Unit places C4 on critical parts of the carrier. They soon encounter 5th Generation Russian stealth fighters and decide to steal them, both as intel, and an extraction method. After Walker goes into the ship's bridge he encounters Captain Sung, who triggers a self destruct sequence before being killed. Phantom Unit is able to steal the fighters, and finish off the ship by triggering the C4, presumably sinking it.

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  • The chance that Phantom Unit cares about the other planes at the carrier is nihil, so it's unknown why they activate the blast shields before taking off.

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