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> For the game mode, see Manhunt.
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 Threatcon Delta - Critical Path 

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| 5:Value = Arrest Everett Saunders

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| 6:Value = Joel Blake

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| 7:Value = Phantom Unit

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| 8:Value = SGS

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| 9:Value = Barcelona, Spain

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| 10:Value = August 20, 2037

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Transcript for this mission

}} Manhunt is the 6th mission in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Saunders is hiding in Barcelona. Phantom Unit is ordered to "move in and secure Saunders".


The Phantom Unit were deployed in Barcelona, Spain to arrest Everett Saunders because he contained 'crucial data' of the attack on Seattle as quoted by Knight. They stormed through multiple buildings to clear a path to Saunders. In one of the buildings, Downs fell as a part of the floor collapsed. James Walker and Blake then make their way to provide cover fire for Downs from above. They were then attacked by two SGS soldiers, whom were both killed in action. Blake's opponent attempted to stab him with a knife, which was blocked. Blake then finishes his opponent by kicking him over the edge of the building and followed Walker to regroup with Downs, and eliminated the enemies in the area. They then moved to the building were Saunders was located, where they were immediately encountered heavy fire from the patrolling enemies. After eliminating the patrols, Blake was ordered to enter the building to find Saunders alone as Walker and Downs secure the front of the building. When he approached Saunders by kicking the door open, Saunders puts his hands up saying that Edward Page was behind all of the terrorist attacks and claimed that he was only a businessman as he approaches him slowly. He failed to capture Saunders as he retaliated and escaped the building, leaving Blake to blackout. When Blake woke up, he was ordered to chase down Saunders. When he approached a corner, he was attacked by Saunders and lost his gun. He continued to chase Saunders without a gun to fend off enemy fire, leaving grenades the only source of weapon, which were unnecessary, and it was a rather ineffective way to eliminate enemies. As Saunders stopped running, Blake tried to collect all the information from him about the attack on Seattle. But he failed because Saunders created a distraction by holding a hard drive in his hand and claiming that it contained access codes for American drone networks, which Page would use against America. As the hard drive was handed over to Blake, Saunders knocked him to the ground. In return, Blake tripped Saunders by grabbing his leg, but he lost his grip when he was kicked in the face, leaving Saunders running again.


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