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ObjectiveTake out the assembly lines of the factory.
CharacterJames Walker
FactionPhantom Unit
EnemyKPR Alliance
LocationKolodny Weapons Factory, Siberia, Russia
Multiplayer mapAlert
Intel gathered aboard the Yongwang leads Phantom Unit to the Kolodny Weapons Factory in Siberia. There, the team infiltrates the factory through a train hanger.

Cold-Blooded is the seventh mission in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

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The fighters on the Yongwang were built in the Kolodny Weapons Factory in Siberia. Phantom Unit is sent there to take out the factory.

The mission starts with Walker and Washington overlooking the Kolodny Weapons Base. Hostiles are set up on a bridge connecting Phantom Unit's position with the base itself. Downs and Anderson cannot push until the hostiles have been stealthfully eliminated, and Walker is instructed with eliminating the hostiles. Walker successfully clears the guards, making way for Anderson and Downs entering the facility. However, the duo are discovered by KPR forces and report to Walker and Washington that they are compromised, forcing the latter duo to move down towards the facility as well. After clearing some patrol guards and snipers, Walker and Washington separate with the former tasked with opening the factory gate, and latter traveling through a small tunnel in order to rendezvous with Downs and Anderson. Walker, now alone, clears the control room of all guards and opens the factory gate, but only for a limited amount of time. Walker hurries down to reconcile with the rest of Phantom Unit and despite meeting resistance, he is able to make it on time, but as soon as he was about to enter the tunnel, a live flash grenade rolls down on his feet, detonating and stunning him. When Walker quickly retains his consciousness, he finds the shutters of the gate lowering on his feet, so he quickly crawls into the tunnel, reuniting with his team. The unit then proceeds to infiltrating the main facility, thus setting the stage for the next mission.

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