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 Critical Path - Hammerstrike 

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| 3:Value = Terminus

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| 5:Value = Arrest Everett Saunders

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| 6:Value = Joel Blake

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| 7:Value = Phantom Unit

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| 8:Value = Saunders Global Security

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| 9:Value = Train station, Barcelona, Spain

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| 10:Value = 20 August 2037[1]

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| 12:Value = Fracture

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Transcript for this mission

}} Terminus is the 8th mission in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Saunders is trapped in a train station.


This is the third and the last mission in the chase of Saunders at Barcelona. Phantom unit safely approaches the Barcelona train terminus, where Saunders had taken refuge. They prepare themselves at a small room and attack the guards at the train platforms. They proceed through the platform to the main floors, eliminating hostiles. Saunders can be seen rushing through the place while the guards fire at the Phantom Unit. After all the guards were eliminated, Downs was sent to chase Saunders from a pipeline, while Blake and Walker went the other way from the regular station passages. When the duo come to a hallway, an enemy helicopter fired a rocket at them, causing them to stun, and soldiers came down fast-roping, but these were quickly dealt with by a friendly hover drone operated by Carter. The duo make their way through cafes and shops and finally in front of a staff office. When Blake slams open the door to the balcony, Saunders ambushes him from the side and leaves him clinging on a ramp. Walker and Saunders engage in a fight and when Walker tells him to surrender, Saunders reject it and aims his CTK-28 at Walker. Just he was about to shoot, Blake catches him and throws him off the balcony. Walker confirms that Saunders has died and he contacted Knight about it. Knight acknowledges and tells him that they will be going to South Africa. 



Initial equipment

Video Walkthrough[]


  • This is the only mission where the Viny Pro is available and can be used.
  • This is the only mission in the entire series where the date is given.
    MC4 DATE.jpg

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