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ObjectiveTake out comm towers at the base
CharacterJoel Blake
FactionUnited States Army
LocationSouth Africa
Multiplayer mapLegion

Hammerstrike is the ninth mission in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Plot Edit

After the failure of arresting Everett Saunders in Barcelona, the US Army launches an attack on the SGS Militia base in South Africa, based on new intel that the president is being held hostage there. Blake, Downs and Walker are onboard a US transport helicopter underway to the SGS Headquarters. At the arrival, Blake was ordered to take down the AA missiles before they could land. Their next objective is to take down the communication towers at the base. After all the communication towers are taken down, The team heads to extraction to board a helo. They need to find a path into the headquarters to rescue President Burke. The helo is targeted by a missile, and Blake looses his balance after they are hit and falls overboard, into the building.

Equipment Edit

Initial equipment

Trivia Edit

  • In the extended reveal trailer for Zero Hour, the opening cutscene of Hammerstrike reveals one of the Phantom Unit soldiers is holding a VECT9, but this was changed to the Charbtek-28 before release.

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