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Underground Compound
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Underground Compound is the ninth mission of Modern Combat: Sandstorm. In this level, Lieutenant Warrens and his squad attempt to capture Abu Bahaa in his base.



Warrens and his squad have cornered Abu Bahaa in his secret underground base. All that's left is to capture the terrorist leader, or so it would seem...

This time it's a huge secret base. Who would've guessed?

Straight away the player can find a Weapons Crate on the left, with a MN106, an AK-47 and a Benelli M4 inside. Grab any needed weapons and follow the squad through the locker room and down the stairs. Continue down the hall, turn right and head into the room, dealing with the three enemies with shotguns. Head down the ramp to the intersection and turn right. Turn left and head down the hall to the marked door. Continue past, turn left and head down to the control room. Clear the room of enemies, head through the next hallway and clear that room too. Fight back to the previously marked door and head through.

Head down, kill the lone enemy, then head through the doors to be greeted by Abu Bahaa himself. As Bahaa runs off, kill everyone in the room. Run up the ramp and through the upper door. Round the corner and use the ventilation duct to bypass the rubble. Head through the big blue doors and down the hall. Head down the ramp and through the door to see another quick cutscene in another big room. Run around the walkway and down the ramps to reach the elevators. The Weapons Crate by the elevators holds an MN106, and oddly enough, a RPG-7. Make any needed swaps and take the elevator down. Kill the two enemies, go forward and left and continue down the hallway. Follow the hallway until the end, a room with a diagonal elevator to ride. Ride the elevator to chase Abu Bahaa, engaging any enemies along the way. Get off the elevator, navigate the final hallway and move up to Abu Bahaa at the glass to complete the mission.


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  • Players can see the level's skybox by looking in the elevator wells after taking the elevator down. A grenade thrown down the well will simply fall through the level and disappear.
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