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Blood Sand
ObjectiveTake Edward Page alive.
CharacterJames Walker
FactionPhantom Unit
LocationGurdal, Pakistan
Multiplayer mapDivide
Phantom Unit is deployed to Pakistan to secure intel pertaining to their next target: Edward Page. This operation is an unsanctioned military action in a foreign country. Given the stakes, you have been cleared to do whatever must be done to prevent another attack on American soil.

Blood Sand is the tenth mission in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Plot Edit

Phantom Unit is then deployed into Pakistan trying to find and takedown a man called Edward Page operating under the name of "Zealot". They are given fire support by Carter but is shot down. Downs and Anderson move into the area to try save Carter but runs into heavy resistance and calls for backup. Walker and Washington come and help Downs and Anderson. Downs and Anderson stay behind to find survivors while Walker and Washington continue with the objective. They soon run into a sniper but is taken out by a friendly helicopter. The sniper was Edward Page, but he wasn't killed by the helicopter.

Page hideout

The building in which Page is hiding

After moving to the sniper's position, Washington is shot by Page. Walker goes solo and tries to find Page. He ends up finding him and do some hand to hand combat. During this, Page rages about some secret projects done by the US government (COINTELRPO, Operation Paperclip, and MKUltra). Downs and Anderson come to help Walker out with Anderson tackling Page and interrorgating him. They find out where General Tong is hiding.

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