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The Last Stretch
CharacterLieutenant Warrens
LocationUnidentified Middle Eastern city

The Last Stretch is the tenth and final mission of Modern Combat: Sandstorm. In this level, Warrens and his squad attempt to stop Abu Bahaa once and for all.



Abu Bahaa has fled his base in a Transport Truck. With Lieutenant Warrens and his squad in hot pursuit, it's time to stop this madman once and for all.


This level is the second of two missions that put the player in the gunner's seat of a Humvee, and is basically an on-rails shooter.

Since the player cannot control the Humvee, there is no real way to outline a walkthrough. Simply kill any enemies that pop out faster than they can kill Lieutenant Warrens. The Turret features generous amounts of Auto-aim, and simply aiming near an enemy will send fire at them. Shoot the chains of cranes and the boat crane to prevent Abu Bahaa from escaping. Watch out for explosive barrels Bahaa will kick out the back of his Transport Truck near the end. Shoot them before the Humvee can hit them. Once the player reaches the outskirts of the city, sit back and enjoy the final cutscene and credits.


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  • On His Six: Complete Mission 10 without Abu Bahaa escaping.

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  • The Grenade Launcher attached to the Humvee's Turret is generally useless. It is much more effective to simply focus on using the main gun.
  • If the files of the Android version are inspected, it is revealed in an audio file that the player would have been instructed to shoot the tire of Abu Bahaa's escape vehicle with the M40A3. This line is never heard in-game.
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