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Surgical Strikes
File:MC3-Surgical Strikes.png
ObjectiveTake out the airbase.
CharacterJames Walker
FactionPhantomUnitLight Phantom Unit
EnemyMC3-KPR North Korean KPR
LocationNorth Korea Pangun Airfield, North Korea
Multiplayer mapScramble
Intel gathered in Gurdal leads Phantom Unit to Pangun Airfield in North Korea, where general Tong's forces are preparing for another attack on American soil. The team is sent to infiltrate the airfield and prevent the attack.

Surgical Strikes is the eleventh mission in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation's campaign.

General Tong is planning a second wave of attacks on the US west coast. The attacks are coordinated from Pangun Airfield in North Korea. Phantom Unit is sent to the airfield to take it out.

Plot Edit

Pangun Airfield

The airfield

The team first takes one of the AA batteries. While Anderson and Washington guard the captured battery, Walker and Downs go attack the airfield.

Anderson and Washington blow up the wall with the AA battery, and the rest of the team moves in. They plant C4 charges on the generator and a fuel tank.


Tong about to shoot Walker

At the end of the mission, Anderson and Walker are ordered to find intel in the control center of the airfield. After that, they get to the control tower where general Tong is. After a speech of Tong, Walker and Downs kill the guards and Walker kicks Tong out of the window.

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Initial equipment

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Phantom Unit

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  • This is the only mission in which a knife is used to throw.

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