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Extreme Sanction
MC4-Extreme Sanction
CharacterEdward Page, Joel Blake
FactionUnified Citizens, Phantom Unit
Multiplayer mapExtraction
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Extreme Sanction is the final mission in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. It follows Edward Page in the opening stage to intercept Downs and Walker in the bio-chemical lab and Joel Blake in the closing stage to escape and destroy the base.

Plot Edit

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The mission begins with the wounded Edward Page coughing in the room where Blake detonated the C4 charges set onto the H5N1 viruses, while he sees Blake banging on the window. With his plan ruined, he storms out of the room and makes his way through the hallways, eliminating US soldiers. After killing some US soldiers, he approaches a room where Downs and Walker are planting more charges. He shoots Downs, severely injuring him, and beats Walker nearly to death after a hard-fought fight. When Page was about to execute Walker, Blake, who apparently was following Page, stabbed him in the back. Before Page had any time to react, he was stabbed again in the neck, and he died with the words "You'll never understand why...".  

The perspective now switches to Blake, with Walker carrying the wounded Downs and Blake clearing the way.  As the Phantom Unit progresses through the hallways eliminating the remnants of the Unified Citizens, violent explosions occur throughout. After getting out of the building, Walker tosses Blake the detonater for the charges previously set. Blake presses the button and the whole compound explodes violently, and they head back to the extractions.  

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Equipment Edit

Initial equipment

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only mission in Modern Combat series to use more than one playable character in one mission (Page in the opening stage and Blake in the closing stage).
  • There is a glitch when Blake goes KIA and respawn, his hands will change to Page's hands.
  • The secondary weapon which Blake use in this mission is the same weapon which Page use when he's on his way to the bio-chemical lab to intercept Downs and Walker. For example, Page uses an KR-200 when he's on his way to the bio-chemical lab. After Page is killed by Blake and the playable character changes to Blake, Blake will use the KR-200 as his secondary weapon.
  • The player does not have to do the quicktime swipe at all to kill Page.
  • If none of the US forces are killed after killing Edward Page, they will still shoot at you and your team even if you are in the same side.

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Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour Walkthrough - Mission 12 Extreme Sanction Ending

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour Walkthrough - Mission 12 Extreme Sanction Ending

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