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ObjectiveInfiltrate the village
CharacterJames Walker
FactionPhantomUnitLight Phantom Unit
EnemyMC3-KPR KPR Alliance
LocationNorth Korea Kijang, North Korea
Multiplayer mapRapture
After discovering that the KPR are going to deploy WMDs against American targets, Phantom Unit infiltrates Kijang, a North Korean village. There, they are ordered to take out the WMDs at all costs.

Façade is the 12th mission in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Plot Edit

Phantom Unit is sent to Kijang to disable the nuclear missiles. Downs and Walker are in one team, and Anderson and Washington form another.

After Downs and Walker fought through the first defence lines, they find a good overview spot on the village. They take out the last enemy soldiers, including a sniper, and take position. Below them are Washington and Anderson ready to break into the village.

The player can choose to use the sniper rifle to eliminate the hostiles and help Anderson and Washington. After all enemies are taken out, the team infiltrates Kijang and Phantom Unit reunites.

At the end of the mission, there is a large fight in the town square. Soon, Anderson and then Downs are wounded and Walker is the last one who can save the mission. (Although Downs say Walker is the last man standing, Washington never actually says he got wounded.) Unfortunately, Walker is surprised from behind and Dobrynya Popovich himself beats him unconsciousness. The KPR soldiers discuss that Anderson and Washington escaped, and are sending a search team, but Walker and Downs are taken to a cell in the base.

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