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Transcript for this mission


Walker, can you walk?
—Sgt. Downs

Martyrdom is the thirteenth and final mission in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. After being imprisoned by the KPR forces, Walker, Downs and the rest of Phantom Unit must ensure the Kijang Missile Facility is disabled, the Alliance be defeated and the day saved.


Captured by KPR forces, Walker and the other members of Phantom Unit must escape and turn the tables on their enemy. The team is ordered to neutralize all hostiles and end the KPR threat once and for all.


Spoilers will follow from this point.

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Spoilers will follow from this point.

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Spoilers will follow from this point.

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Walker is imprisoned in a cell in the Kijang Missile Facility when he sees two Russian KPR soldiers bring Downs, who is making Russian jokes, to a room, where he beats the two soldiers. Downs comes out of the room, releases Walker and gives him a KT-44. Both move to find their weapons and gear. After clearing out some hostiles, they recover their ZN6 and gadgets.

After establishing communications with the others, Walker and Downs receive information from Washington that the KPR are launching missiles to destroy major cities in the United States. The duo move forward to clear the silos and disable the launch. After disabling the first missile, they reach the control room and discover the second missile, targeted at Seattle, has been launched. Walker covers Downs while he tries to stop the missile mid-flight.

After successfully disabling the Seattle missile, they move up towards the third silo, only to find Popovich has locked the control room, disabled the controls and the missile only minutes from launch. Downs unlocks the room and the duo proceed with clearing the third silo of enemies. Walker places a C4 on the missile and they escape to the outside, only to find Popovich trying to escape. They finish of Popovich's forces (or what's left of them) before the third missile crashes nearby.

The evac helicopters en route

After recovering from the blast, Walker sees Popovich beating up Downs. He sneaks up and try to stab Popovich, and the two have a scuffle. With a swift move, Walker stabs Popovich in the neck, and promptly pushes him, impaling Popovich on a steel bar from a broken radio mast. While helicopters arrive to pick them up, Downs considers the beverage options available in Korea.

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  • This is the only mission in which the KPR soldiers use the Bravel-1.