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The AAR34 is an assault rifle in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added in the Winter Update of 2015.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

SLS‑3   AAR34   AMG 200   Maelstrom   Vosk 4   EER 15   ERG 10   Verr Power   SPEC‑38A    
TypeAssault Rifle
Rate of fire390 RPM~
AccuracyMid - High
Magazine size35 - 38 - 41
Reloading2.5 seconds
Fire modeAutomatic
ClassBounty Hunter

The AAR34 is the Tier 2 weapon of the Bounty Hunter class. It is an assault rifle which deals moderate damage with a decent rate of fire, and solid range. The AAR34 also has very manageable recoil, making the AAR34 accurate and effective at mid-long ranges. Like the Red-34, the AAR34 also has above average hip-fire for the assault rifle class. One notable downside of the weapon is its slow reload time, however its generous magazine size helps to compensate for it.

Overall, the AAR is an average weapon. While it will be outgunned by higher-tier assault rifles, the AAR34, along with the AMG 200 are among the most versatile weapons in the Bounty Hunter class, being better "jacks of all trades" than weapons such as the EER 15 or the Vosk 4.

  • Decent damage
  • Decent rate of fire
  • Decent range
  • Low recoil
  • Large magazine size
  • Low reload speed
  • Sub-par mobility
  • Outgunned by higher-end assault rifles

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