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The AAW-1 is a weapon in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

AAW-1   MES-N   Ticor   HS 414   KR-15   DMG   WES   Stacker   V.L.I.-35    
MC5-AAW-1 poster
TypeSelf-aiming weapon
Likely based onDesert Tech MDR
Rate of fireVery high
RangeLow-Medium (lock-on range is approx 70-80m)
AccuracyExtremely high
Magazine size35 - 38 - 40

The AAW-1 is the Tier 1 short-barrel rifle of the Sapper class. Performance-wise it is most comparable to an assault rifle due to its fully automatic fire, low recoil, and decent range. However, unlike conventional assault rifles, the weapon utilizes a bullet-guidance system like that of the SLS-3; after an enemy enters its targeting reticule a tracer-line appears pointing towards the enemy, which turns red once a lock-on is achieved, at which point any bullets fired will home-in on the target. The AAW-1, however, deals low damage for an assault rifle, taking as many as 8-9 hits to kill an unarmored opponent. However, this is compensated by its high rate of fire which gives it decent DPS at close-mid range, and every shot is a guaranteed hit once a lock-on is achieved. Despite not having an aim mode available, it can still function very nicely at longer ranges due to its lock on ability.

Due to its unique targeting mechanic it cannot be fitted with optics, but can be equipped with foregrips, muzzles, and larger magazines.

The AAW-1 is a fairly popular weapon in the Sapper class, often considered to outclass the Tier-2 MES-N. However the weapon's auto-targeting feature prevents more precise control, such as precision aiming for headshots, leading to it sometimes being considered a "noob weapon", with conventional weapons providing more opportunity in the hands of skilled players.

  • Auto-aiming feature
  • High rate of fire
  • Pinpoint accuracy at ranges with lock-on achieved
  • Low damage
  • No armor penetration
  • Slow reload
  • High damage drop-off at range
  • Auto-aiming feature prevents precise aiming for the head
  • Difficult to achieve kills without a lock-on
  • You may be called a noob for using it
  • Bad at close range as it is hard to get a lock while the opponent is moving constantly.

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon's auto-targeting feature is referred to as "Smart Lock" in advertisements for the Sapper class
  • The weapon utilizes a crosshair more similar to that of a shotgun than an assault rifle
  • The weapon has the same reload sound and a similar reloading animation to the AAR34,
    • Due this and the "AA" shared in the names of the guns, they could be made by the same company, though this is unconfirmed.

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