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The AMG 200 is a light machine gun that appears in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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AMG 200
MC5-AMG 200
TypeLight Machine Gun
Rate of fireVery high
Magazine size210
Starting ammo420 rounds
Reloading2 seconds~
Fire modeAutomatic
ClassBounty Hunter
MC5-AMG 200-hud

The AMG 200 is the Tier 3 weapon of the Bounty Hunter class. It is a light machine gun (LMG) with a very large magazine and a very high rate of fire. This combination makes it one of the best Bounty Hunter weapons in close-quarters combat and gives it a solid time-to-kill at close range. The weapon's reload speed is also very quick for a light machine gun, utilizing a drum magazine.

Downsides to the AMG 200 include its heavy recoil, which kicks upward and slightly to the right, making tap or burst-firing essential for attacking enemies at a longer range, with more accurate automatic weapons outgunning the AMG 200 at longer ranges. While it lacks the ability to equip a grip for improved accuracy, equipping a silencer, however, helps to reduce the recoil. The weapon also suffers from the inherently slow movement and handling of other LMGs.

For the Bounty Hunter class, the the AMG 200 is a close-mid range weapon of choice. However, for mid-long range combat, the EER 15, ERG 10 and the AAR34 are better choices overall.

Pros and ConsEdit

  • Very high rate of fire for an LMG
  • Solid time-to-kill at close range
  • Large magazine size
  • Swift reload time for an LMG
  • Heavy kick, which juts the gun up and to the right
  • Low accuracy and unable to equip grips
  • Poor movement speed


  • The AMG-200 bears a resemblance to the M739 light machine gun from the game Halo Nations, though this may be coincidental.

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