Agent Skins are cosmetic reskins of the default Agents that can be purchased or obtained after completing a season in Modern Combat Versus. They have no functional differences to their base-game counterparts, and simply serve to add an extra layer of cosmetic customization. The weaponry employed does not get any kind of change, with the exception of changes in appearance only. Skins also do not add agent mastery for points if you have the skin either.

Purchasable Skins (through shop) Edit

  • Nightmare Kult
  • Game Day Juke
  • Jingle Blaze
  • Mantis Mi-Nu
  • Arctic Owl Seven
  • Hazard Knox
  • Xīnnián Ghost
  • Ace Chapka
  • Gunner Revolv
  • Cottontail Sw1ft
  • Enforcer Tower
  • Hex Witch
  • Argon Hashtag
  • Airborne Sarge
  • Night Stalker Ghost
  • Evil Twin Blaze
  • Heartbreaker Monark
  • Shamrock Knox

Season Rewards (from getting to Master League in a certain time or loot crates) Edit

  • Nitro Lock (Season 1)
  • Prisioner Blaze (Season 2)
  • Coil Sw1ft (Season 3)
  • Golden Suit Ghost (Frenzy Week)
  • Elegant Monark (Frenzy Week)
  • Coliseum Kan (Frenzy Week)
  • Gold Sw1ft (Frenzy Week)
  • Oni-Masa Ronen (Frenzy Week)
  • Siro Mi-Nu (Frenzy Week)
  • Ubiba Blaze (Frenzy Week)
  • Immortal Creeper (Frenzy Week)
  • Monkey King Cub (Frenzy Week)
  • Gold Lock (Holiday Event)
  • Gold Tower (Holiday Event)
  • Gold Revolv (Frenzy Week)
  • Gold Kan (Frenzy Week)

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