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Alex Hawk
AppearancesModern Combat 5: Blackout
AffiliationsGilman Security
Gender♂ Male

Corporal Alex Hawk is a character who appears in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Hawk is first seen at Roux's safehouse, when Phoenix and Tukura arrive. After the building is attacked by the Raiders, Hawk and Phoenix assist the team in clearing the safehouse, and the then venture back into the streets of downtown Tokyo to deploy jammers to stop Gilman Security's hover drones.

Hawk joins Phoenix when Roux sends him to Ryogoku to spy on a meeting between Bull and Everett Saunders. And afterwards joins Phoenix and Tukura on their mission to infiltrate Gilman HQ. After breaching the HQ, the trio use an external elevator to reach a higher floor, however a hover drone collides with the elevator, causing Hawk to lose his footing and fall. It is unknown what happened next but most likely was killed

Trivia Edit

  • Hawk was previously called "Grey".
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