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Armor Cores are a type of equipment in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. They can be collected by the player and equipped to the player's Armor suit to add unique enhancements and perks.

Armor Cores were introduced in Update XV and replace the former Suit Abilities and Suit Perks.


Armor Cores fall into 3 categories based on the type of enhancements they offer - Offensive, Defensive, and Utility. With each Core type ranked as either Common, Rare, and Epic. (A special Joker Core also exists for upgrading Cores, as outlined below).

The player must have a complete matching suit of Armor equipped to equip any Cores (e.x. custom armor setups cannot equip Cores). Each Suit has between 2-4 slots for equipping cores, with each Core slot designated for a specific Core category. (e.x. the Hazard suit has 1 Defensive Core slot, and 1 Joker Core Slot). Each armor suit has 1 or more "Joker" Core Slots, which can equip any Core regardless of it's category. Cores can be equipped to multiple Armor suits and loadouts at the same time.

Armor Cores can be acquired by purchasing Combat and Armor Packs, and won as prizes by participating in Events. They can also be acquired as end of match rewards in Duel mode.

Armor Core benefits take effect in multiplayer modes only. In Non-ranked matches, players have the option to disable Armor Core benefits.


Upgrading Cores[]

Most Cores can be upgraded from Mk1 up to MK5 by exchanging surplus Cores in the player's inventory of any Core type. (Some Epic Cores such as the Neckguard Core do not need to be upgraded). The amount of surplus Cores in the inventory the player has to exchange to upgrade a Core to the next level depends on the value of the Core being upgraded, as well as the value of the Cores being exchanged. (e.x. Higher-tier and higher Mk Cores tend to have a higher value).

To upgrade a Core, the player must select an equipped Core from their loadout's armor, and click the Upgrade button. A menu will then display showing the surplus Cores in the player's inventory which can be sacrificed to perform an upgrade (Cores which the player already has equipped to a loadout will not display here); clicking the tab on the bottom-left will cycle between the the Core categories (Offensive, Defensive, Utility, and Joker).

After clicking the surplus Cores the player wishes to sacrifice, the Upgrade Meter will begin to fill up by a select amount for each Core; once the Upgrade Meter is full, the player can upgrade the Core to the next MK.


List of Armor Cores[]

Below is a list of Armor Cores available in MC5. Other than the Cores noted as class-specific; Cores can be equipped by any class on any suit of armor. The min-max stats of each Core based on its upgrade level (e.x. Mk1-Mk5) are also listed:

Armor cores.jpg



Name Description Class Tier
Scorcher When hitting their targets, your bullets apply a "burning damage over time" effect, wounding enemies for 50 damage points over 5 seconds. The effect does not apply to Sapper turrets. Any Common
Combined Arms All Military Support options are unlocked once the first killstreak requirement is met. This only occurs once per match and does not apply to Bounty Hunter. Any Epic
Toxic Area Your grenades generate toxic areas upon exploding and poison enemies stepping inside by reducing their movement speed by 50% and inflicting damage for 20 seconds. Any Epic
Impetum When close to an enemy within less than 15 meters, your sprint speed is increased by 20%. (Combine with melee attacks for the best results.) Any Epic
Snowflake You grenades generate frozen areas upon exploding, slowing enemies down by 20% and reducing their weapons' rates of fire by 50% for 3 seconds. Any Epic
High-Powered Your weapon's damage output is increased by 5%. Any Epic
Armor Piercer Your weapon's armor penetration is increased by 5%. Does not apply to Prestige weapons. Any Epic
Hair Trigger Your weapon's rate of fire is increased by 10%. Any Epic
Underdog When your HP is under 35%, your weapon's accuracy is increased by 50%. Any Epic
Core Jammer Reduces grenade damage by 50% while increases its impact radius to 30 meters. Meanwhile, it disables enemies' cores (except their Core Jammers and Gluttons) for 2 seconds. Any Epic
Improved Berserker The active time of the Berserk ability is increased by 6 seconds and your weapon's damage output is increased by 30% on the basis of the original buff. Assault only Rare
Ambusher Your HP is increased by 15%. Upon being destroyed your decoy deals explosive damage to nearby enemies and jams the shooter's radar for 10 seconds. Sniper only Common
Disruptor Your grenades deal an EMP effect to enemies for 12 seconds. Bounty Hunter only Epic
Cryogenitor Reduces the cooldown of the Frostblast ability by 20 seconds and increases its range by 60%. Sapper only Common
Steady Hand Increases Rapid Fire accuracy by 10%. Marauder only Epic



Name Description Class Tier
Ethereal Become immune to all Military Support except for Airstrike and invisible to thermal optics. Recon class only: Also become invisible to regular turrets, enemies' Sapper turrets, aerial surveillance and drones. Any (Recon receives additional perks) Epic
Neckguard Become immune to all Melee attacks. Any Epic
EMP Immunity Become immune to EMP effects from all sources. Any Epic
DOT Immunity Become immune to damage over time, slow effects, and weapon rate of fire penalties. Any Epic
Weapon Jammer Jams automatic lock-on weapons such as the SLS-3 and Shoulder Gun. However, it cannot fool more complex systems such as static turrets. Any Epic
Immortal Become invincible for 3.5 seconds after spawning. Any Epic
Yokai Reduces bullet damage by 15% and explosive damage by 22%. Any Epic
Glutton Increases your effective HP by 35%. Any Epic
Fortification When you have less than 30 HP left, multiple redundancy systems are activated which reduce incoming explosive damage by 40%. Any Epic
Cargo Shield (Cargo only) When actively pushing the Cargo, you take 50% less damage. (Stacks with other damage reduction effects, but total damage reduction cannot exceed 90%.) Any Epic
Regenerator The Medkit ability provides 35% damage reduction from all sources for 3 seconds. Heavy only Rare
Shield Patcher Increases shield durability by 20% and its repair speed by 15% when holstered (or after being destroyed). Kommander only Epic



Name Description Class Tier
Sixth Sense Highlights enemies hiding behind walls with red outlines within a 7-meter radius around you. Any Common
Undying You respawn 6 seconds faster. Any Epic
Berserker Rage Each kill counts double towards unlocking Military Support. Assault only Epic
Murderblitz Each kill increases your movement speed by 7%, which stacks up to 3 times. (Resets upon your death.) Heavy only Rare
Infiltrator You appear as friendly on enemies' radars when firing or being scouted by Military Support or Drones. In Free-For-All, you are not displayed at all on enemies' radars when scouted. Each time after respawning your killer is displayed on your radar for 15 seconds. Recon only Rare
Seer Turns the passive Reveal ability into an active one that reveals all enemies on your radar for 6 seconds, with a cooldown of 30 seconds. Recon only Epic
Specter When aiming you become semi-transparent and receive a reduction of 15% to incoming damage from all sources. Sniper only Rare
Evil Eye When you aim down the sight of your sniper rifle, enemies are highlighted with red outlines for 5 seconds. Then they are displayed on both your and allies' radars for the first 3 seconds during the 20-second cooldown. Sniper only Rare
Reloader Increases accuracy by 2-10%. After performing a kill, the weapon magazine is refilled instantly. Support only Rare
Team Reloader When inside the area of effect of the health crate deployed by the Heal ability, teammates take 2-10% less damage and their magazines are refilled 10-30% faster, while player takes 4-15% less damage. Support only Rare
Indomitable Killstreak for unlocking Military Support does not reset upon death Support only Epic
Piggy Bank Increases the amount of Diamond Dust you receive at the end of a match by 25-300%. Bounty Hunter only Common
Master-At-Arms Increases range of secondary weapons (turrets) by 2m-6m and their HP by 5-30% Sapper only Rare
Cooler Weapon overheats 15-45% slower Morph only Common
Enhancer Increases the power of primary weapon enhancements by 15-100% Morph only Rare
Shieldmaiden Increases resilience of the Shield ability by 10-30 extra HP. After being destroyed, your damage is increased by 15% (for remainder of Shield ability's active time), and Shield causes 10-30 damage to enemy when destroyed. Morph only Epic
Kevlar Plates Tactical Ballistic Plates now provide an additional 10-20% HP. Kommander only Epic
Fast Reload You change the way you reload your weapons and do it in just 1.8-1.4 seconds. Marauder only Epic


Joker Cores are a special Core type which cannot be equipped and are used solely for upgrading existing Cores. Joker Cores fill up the Upgrade Meter by a significant amount.

Changes from prior game versions[]

As of Update XV, all Suit Perks and Suit Abilities were removed and replaced with the new Armor Cores.

Most suit Perks and Abilities which were originally class-specific (e.x. the Seer Ability for the Recon class's Izanagi Armor) can only be equipped by that specific class, while others can now be equipped by any armor on any class (e.x. the Kemono armor can now equip the Yokai Core, which used to be an Ability only for the Oni Armor). In addition, several Cores offering brand new perks were introduced as well (such as the X1-Morph's Cooler Core).

As of Update XVIII, all armor suits were given at least 1 Joker Core slot, and had their total number of Core slots downgraded by 1 (e.x. the Elite Nova armor was downgraded from 5 Core slots to 4 Core slots).

Multiplayer Tier list[]

The following a "tier list" of Armor Cores ranked based on their viability in high-league multiplayer gameplay. (Cores not listed are considered mid-low tier and as such may not be viable in higher leagues) - keep in mind this list is not official and is subject to change.

Top Tier[]

  • Impetum
  • Berzerker Rage
  • Murderblitz
  • Infiltrator
  • Ethereal
  • Evil Eye

High Tier[]

  • Scorcher
  • Cryogenitor
  • Team Reloader
  • Armor Piercer
  • Combined Arms
  • Toxic Area
  • Core Jammer
  • Improved Berserker
  • Neckguard
  • DOT Immunity
  • Immortal
  • Yokai
  • Glutton
  • Cargo Shield
  • Undying
  • Seer
  • Indomitable
  • Enhancer
  • Shieldmaiden
  • Fast Reload

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