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Artillery is Military Support available in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

EffectBombs a random enemy location on the map
CostMC4 Cost 20,000

It is one of two kill streaks that takes 9 kills (8 with Military Tactician) without dying to activate, the other 9 kill streak being the EMP Strike. It calls in artillery bombardment on a random enemy location and covers a large area for a short amount of time. Players can avoid the bombardment by either taking cover or by staying away from the explosions.

This might as well be the one of the most common Military Supports in Modern Combat 4 , due to its low price and its effectiveness against taking out a number of enemies in the same location. It can also be helpful if the player knows that all the enemies are locked into their spawn, so they can hit the button and kill all of them at once. The Artillery acts somewhat like the Airstrike, although it requires more kills to achieve and persists bombing for a longer period of time.

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