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The BSW 77 is a sniper rifle in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added to the game in the update of June.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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BSW 77
MC5-BSW 77
TypeSniper Rifle
Likely based onLee–Enfield
Damage270 (Less than 55 tiles) - 120 (Further than 110 tiles)
Rate of fire63 RPM
RangeVery high
Magazine size10 - 12 - 14
Starting ammo19 magazines
Reloading3~ seconds
Fire modeBolt-action
Unlocked20 Blueprints

The BSW 77 is a bolt-action sniper rifle sporting slightly higher accuracy and base damage than IMP-S (albeit lacking the latter's unique explosive rounds). Along with the IMP-S, its damage is unparalleled within the sniper rifle category, capable of a one-shot kill any part of the body with higher-tier muzzles, making the BSW one of the deadliest weapons in the game for long-range combat. With the Hip Fire skill and crouching, the BSW can even repel close-range attackers effectively (particularly with a silencer for improved accuracy), however, missing a shot will prove to be troublesome. The BSW also has a large magazine capacity, making reloads a rare occurrence, and reloads are also fairly swift.

Overall, the BSW 77 is a very powerful rifle, excelling at eliminating enemies at a single shot and at engaging enemies at a long-range.

Following Update XXV, the hipfire of BSW 77 (along with other sniper rifles) was heavily nerfed to approximately 50% of the original capability. This greatly diminished the power of BSW 77 in close quarters combat, however the gun remains popular in higher-league gameplay.

  • Top-tier damage among sniper rifles
  • Very high range
  • Relatively fast reload for a bolt-action sniper rifle
  • Large magazine
  • Plenty of starting ammunition
  • Lower rate of fire than automatic sniper rifles

Trivia Edit

  • The BSW 77's appearance in its combat card lacks a scope. Also, when the player is killed by a user with the BSW, the scope is not found on the weapon during kill cam while they are running with it/walking with it. However, when the user scopes in with the BSW, the scope appears.
  • There was a big change to the BSW's design after the forth update of Modern Combat 5. After the update, the BSW 77 now has a pistol grip and has its shoulder stock raised up to give it a more modern look.
  • The BSW 77 seems to stand for "Ballistic Sniper Weapon 77"
  • While seemingly based on the lee enfield, the BSW does have some resemblance to a M44 mosin-nagant carbine when viewed from certain oblique angles.

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