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Backfire is a multiplayer map in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. It was added in the Meltdown Update.

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Now that we got Saunders's information, it's time to clean up the city from its SGS occupation. Flank the enemy by sneaking through small alleys and ruined buildings. Some areas offer higher spots for a better view of open locations. Barcelona offers a great urban warfare experience that you do not want to miss.
—Website description
LocationBarcelona, Spain
ArchetypeUrban warfare

The large size map of Backfire takes place in Spain, in the streets of Barcelona.

This map has both close quarters and medium-long range gameplay.


Backfire Areas (1) Central Plaza: The Central Plaza in the middle of the map links to all other areas. Expect heavy fighting if you choose to stay in this area.

(2) Cracked Building: This building provides a very interesting sniping spot where players can look down on the Central Plaza. Watch out for incoming grenades.

(3) Street: The streets are open fire-fighting areas, so be very careful when moving through them.

(4) Apartments: Multiple routes lead in and out of this building. Exploit this flexibility to mix up your (?)...

(5) Alleys: This area is perfect to flank enemies who are on the Central Plaza or in the Cracked Building, but be careful of the vantage point above you.


Backfire Zones


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