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Blockbuster is a multiplayer map in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. It takes place on the streets of Hollywood, Los Angeles.[1]

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LocationUnited States Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA
ArchetypeLarge clashes
Blockbuster is a large map with numerous hiding spots and windows that provide vantage points. Take out unsuspecting hostiles by moving from one location to another. This urban warfare experience is like no other.
—Modern Combat 4 Official site

Blockbuster is a well-balanced map that combines wide-open areas, tight twisting alleys, and interconnecting hallways into an exciting gameplay environment for all game modes. The map is perfect for using military support, since there are many open areas, but cover is also possible since there are also indoor areas.


MC4-Blockbuster areas (1) Movie theater: Perfect for close-quarters combat. Draw your enemies in and pick them off as they turn corners.

(2) Street: Ranged combat is perfect for this area; use your cover wisely.

(3) Loading bay: A great area to hide in and ambush your enemies. Be careful, though; you may not be the only one using this strategy in this location.

(4) Back lot: Another great area for ranged combat. You can also sneak up on enemies camped out in the Movie Theater.

(5) Alleys: This area is perfect for flanking enemies who are on the Street. Be careful, though; there are a lot of vantage points on the floors above you.

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