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One Kill Zero One Kill Zero 28 July 2020

armor packs scam!!

Starting to think we beeen taking for a ride, 100 armor packs later and still no katana or scavenger head gear!!!!

keep getting stupid 28 diomands but no head gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TastyRacer1 TastyRacer1 27 March 2020

Credits: Saving of Credits.


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BilbooftheBaggins BilbooftheBaggins 9 October 2019

MC5: Zombie Mode/Event Confirmed?

Two days ago on Modern Combat's Facebook page, a short clip was posted showing a horror-like atomsphere. Could this be the zombie mode the community was waiting for?

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ZAS TOP ZAS TOP 28 August 2019



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ZAS TOP ZAS TOP 17 August 2019



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FrostRC FrostRC 10 February 2019

tfw activision wants to publish another mobile cod game

>no manual fire
>double tap screen to aim
>doesn't take cues from other existing and obvious cod ports to mobile
>more lootboxes which i though we had fucking enough of in mc5 and mcv


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Ysbert Ysbert 2 November 2018

Wanted: administrator

This'll be a short post: there are no active admins on the Modern Combat Wiki.

For years I spent hours a day to build up this website, along with many other admins. The latest active admins were Endzone and Thesmoovelife, but those guys also have other things on their mind, just like me.

I am currently in my second year of uni, found a nice girl, made new friends, passed a ninjutsu exam, learned an awful lot of stuff, and everything is going perfect. However I don't have much time left for Wikia, which is why it has been more than a year ago that I've been active here.

I just want to thank everyone who is active right now. It feels good to visit this site, and see a RecentChanges full of people who keep writing, filling in infoboxes, and dis…

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RSangHyun RSangHyun 8 April 2018

What can improve MCV?

It seems that MCV is getting a bit unpopular these days. And it's not too hard to notice. Heck, even some youtubers who helped give the MC series popularity stopped playing it (Bnates, SxC Joker, iChase, etc). This will be Part 1 on this sort of topic. I'll be splitting these by 2 or else 'tl;dr'.

So here are my takes that could help MCV become more popular or "improve".

Agent balancing

This one is a bit too obvious. There is no doubt that SW1FT is currently the top choice to win every match. She's OP. No joke. Because of this, it get players very frustrated after losing 3 or 5 matches in a row (trust me, I've been there a LOT). SW1FT can either be nerfed or every other Agent is Buffed at the point where everyone is as good as SW1FT and there,…

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Meerkatt Meerkatt 28 October 2017

Thoughts on random people editing pages?

These guys are persistent with their edits. A lot of the edits they make are far worse than the original web pages whether it be through spelling errors or just garbage writing. I'm not saying I hate community input, I think it's good in a niche community, but there should be an approval system or something.

What does everyone else think?

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RSangHyun RSangHyun 22 October 2017

Unplayable games we enjoyed and loved

After the recent iOS update, MC3 and MC4 are unplayable and need to be updated by the devs. Surely this wouldn't be ignored, right? I don't care that the games are over 5 years old, there are still those who has a special place for these games.

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Meerkatt Meerkatt 23 August 2017

Thoughts on MC Versus??

Just wondering what the community thinks of MCV?

Personally not a fan, although that might be expected as I didn't like MC5 either. Was hoping that having the same dev team as MC4 would mean a similar game style. Controls seem clunky at best and mechanics like auto shoot are garbage.

Also a whole clip and a half with an AR for a kill???????????????????????????????

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EndZone45 EndZone45 12 July 2017

Update on Modern Combat: Versus

Well, I hope all of you are having a great time. I haven't been active on the wiki as of late, but some important news drew me back here.

This article, released about a month back, announces that Gameloft has begun a soft-launch of the game on Android and and Windows. Here are the countries the soft launch reaches out to:

  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • New Zealand
  • Australia

I acknowledge that this article may be out of date, but I thought it was worthwhile sharing.

You can also now pre-order the game, and Gameloft promises you that you'll be eligible to receive prizes once the game fully launches.

Gameloft also published some gameplay footage, which you can check out here. I know this article is all over the place, but I hope you …

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Thesmoovelife Thesmoovelife 8 April 2017

MCV details

Gameloft revealed a ton of MCV details recently. Some of the main points:

  • Brand new graphics engine
  • No campaign
  • Freemium
  • Automatic shooting (traditional shoot button to be added later)
  • ADS button replaced by double tapping the screen
  • Play one of 12 "Agents" in different categories: Attacker, Defender, Assassin, Specialist
  • Wall running on a few maps
  • Focus on "eSports"
  • Future controller support
  • Player cannot pick from a variety of weapons, each Agent only has one
  • Knifing and aiming down sights is limited to just some of the Agents

There will be a soft launch "soon", but it will be limited- 5 maps and one game mode, a 4v4 Zone Control.

The new graphics look awesome, as do the maps, but I'm not excited…

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Ysbert Ysbert 24 March 2017

MCV website

Finally some news about Modern Combat Versus. Well, if you can call this "news". The official website has been launched at with at this moment just teaser images. I expect the website to be somewhat like MC4's but we don't know anything about its future, so let's just hope so.

Also, there are three characters released by the team, check them out at Gameloft's blog post or at the MCV article. Two males, two females (21-century equality), that's all we know.

Let's start stoking up the hype train, it's gonna take a while.

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Ysbert Ysbert 1 January 2017

Contest Results

Well here I am fighting the hangover to write a blog post... I hope you all had a good New Year's Eve and I wish you the best in 2017!

A year ago, I started a contest, which would end yesterday. The results are below:

To be honest I expected a lot more votes, but let's put that aside.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour was the first game in the series in which we could play the antagonist. Edward Page, who we knew already from MC3, was a very interesting character. We also got Anderson's perspective of the story. The player follows him through an apocalyptic Seattle as well as his very final mission in Antarctica. MC4 was also the game in which Everett Saunders was introduced. Although not playable, his character forms the essential connection betwee…

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Ysbert Ysbert 15 December 2016


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Ysbert Ysbert 7 November 2016


This blog post is a little unuasual. Actually it's basically an advertorial for a game not many people know but I think is awesome. I know MCW is completely the wrong place to post this, but this is simply my best chance of reaching a lot of people. If any other admin disagrees with this blog post, just tell me and I'll remove it.

Assoluto Racing is its name. Yes, a racing game. After MC5 turned out to be horrible, and MC3 and MC4 became less thrilling, I got onto playing more racing games. Assoluto is the most realistic game in this genre on mobile. It's made by just 4 people with a tiny budget, and it just keeps getting updated with awesome stuff.

I made the wiki, but literally no one is visiting it. Maybe you can take a look, check out the…

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EndZone45 EndZone45 25 October 2016

MC5 Update 11

The eleventh update for Modern Combat 5: Blackout went live on September 21, 2016, and alongside a new game mode and the typical bug fixes, there's more under the skin than what meets the eye.

Gameloft added a new armor for the Sapper class, called the Vulcan Armor, as well as new camouflage patterns for said armor. The armor's unique special ability is immunity to all killstreaks apart from the Airstrike.

Also available for the Sapper, is the brand new Shotgun Turret, which can be upgraded seven times, like other Tier 7 weapons. A new helmet was also released for the Sapper, called the Shibing Helm, which gives the player a slightly increased melee range (sigh), but gives a 10% Weapon Score penalty, which will negatively affect the rate you u…

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EndZone45 EndZone45 25 October 2016

My Concerns surrounding Modern Combat Versus

Modern Combat: Versus. The next chapter of the Modern Combat series. With many praises under its belt, the Modern Combat franchise has always stood as the definitive first-person shooter on the mobile platform to beat. However, since the release of Modern Combat 5: Blackout, the game took immediate criticism upon its release, and in my opinion, has only waned since its release, adding overpowered pay-to-win features in exchange for becoming freemium, making it hard for new and free-to-play players to keep grasp among the pros that actually pay for these items. So, while I may be excited for the new game, and have donated a wishlist to it, the game is drastically different compared to the game I was expecting. Before I start with my concern…

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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 13 October 2016

I Am Back

It has been a very long time, but I am back and decided to reinstall MC5. I was bored and needed an FPS. Now, I am rolling with the Sniper class and doing one shot kills with my Aresk.

So yeah.

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Meerkatt Meerkatt 13 October 2016

Modern Combat Versus

So Just today Gameloft decided to release a showreel of several games due for release in Q4 of 2016. (Found here: One of the relevant games shown is Modern Combat Versus. The game seems to have taken inspiration from COD BO3 this time around. What I've gathered from this quick preview is that a class system will be implemented (A velocity tactical assualt class member was shown off). Much like BO3, this game's theme looks to be set quite a bit in the future. Wall running also seems to be a thing. It looks like custom reticles might be making an addition.

It looks like MCV might be borrowing some MC5 animations and textures with the blood, physics and water. Also a lighter cell shading and ssao se…

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NightWielder1 NightWielder1 3 October 2016

My MC5 Reset with Vet Status

Hi everyone this is my first blog post

IG name: | NightWielder |

My Modern Combat 5 recently reset and I gained the Veteran Status, I looked it up and I have not met the requirements for the status.

I logged on at Applebee's (a restaurant) and noticed it. I checked the global chat and some people had the same problem too. I waited a week later thinking it was a glitch or something and Gameloft would've fixed it but it still remains.

I have very mixed feelings about this (unlimited energy and free 200 creds) but I just want to know the reason of it.


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Ysbert Ysbert 1 May 2016

Modern Combat Versus - wait what?

I'm not sure how everyone on this wiki seemed to have missed this for a month, but apparently there is a new Modern Combat game coming out, and it's developed by Gameloft Montreal. It will likely be released early 2017 or even sooner.

The game was revealed in a PowerPoint from Gameloft about sales. Check out page 52.

Regarding Gameloft's sales strategy, MCV is highly expected to be freemium.

Click here for the wiki wishlist of MCV that anyone can edit.

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EndZone45 EndZone45 25 March 2016

MC5 Spring Update (2016)

The sixth update for Modern Combat 5: Blackout dropped for iOS on March 14, 2016, and has gone live on Android a couple of days later.

  • 1 Content
  • 2 Other changes
  • 3 Fixes
  • 4 My opinion
  • 5 Gallery

Gameloft has completely changed the progression system in Modern Combat 5. Weapon score is no longer used to unlock weapons, instead, the player must acquire blueprints to unlock these weapons via Supply Packs, Elite Packs, or by playing online. The higher the tier, the more blueprints you will need to acquire in order to unlock. Therefore, you can unlock Tier 7 weapons by not even unlocking the Tier 6 weapons by just finding the Tier 7 blueprints.

]] There is also a new weapon upgrade system, and apart from upgrading your weapon with muzzles and magazines and w…

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EndZone45 EndZone45 26 February 2016

Combat Tips - Modern Combat 5

Combat Tips for Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Better late than never.

  • I recommend playing on a higher sensitivity, as Recon players can strafe at running speed while shooting with one of the skills in the skill tree.
  • Avoid aiming down sights at close-range - it will decrease your sensitivity and your reaction time will be greatly slowed.
  • When a noob has broken out an LGR 35, always stay as far away from the user as possible.
  • Always go for headshots - a single headshot can end a gunfight very quickly.
  • When facing a team of campers, and when all in a building, cook a high-damage grenade, like the Nail grenade, and throw it inside. You will likely kill all of them if aimed correctly.
  • If trying to traverse longer distances, switch to your pistol - but …
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EndZone45 EndZone45 25 February 2016

Guide - Shotgunning

Some tips for using shotguns:

  • Always get as close as you can to your enemy.
    • Be sure to equip mobility-enhancing perks so the above process is much easier, like +10% Movement Speed and its upgrades in MC2, Athlete in MC3, Athleticism in MC4
  • If you are sneaking up behind a group of enemies, be sure to ensure that you kill the player at the back of the pack first, or you will be shot from the back and likely killed.
    • Always make sure you get a one-shot kill when you take down one enemy in a pack with semi-auto and pump-action shotguns. With full-auto shotguns, just hose 'em down and spray the ever-living f**k out of the pack. Make sure you have a large enough magazine.
  • Use Stun grenades in MC3 and MC4 to immobilise enemies and get close to them.
    • In …

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Ysbert Ysbert 14 February 2016


I made a new spoiler template, it can be seen in action on the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour article or on any of the pages in this list: special:WhatLinksHere/template:spoiler.

As you can see, spoiling parts are now covered by a black box. Move over it with your cursor to show the text. On tablets, just tap the block.

If you're having any problems with or suggestions about this feature, please let me know so I can improve it.

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EndZone45 EndZone45 13 February 2016

Deleting Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Honestly, I feel that decision should have been made much earlier. Modern Combat 5: Blackout was a game that I really never touched after returning back to Zero Hour after the update where the game became freemium. I always thought it was an inferior Modern Combat, and I really don't know why I shouldn't have deleted it earlier. The game's been going downhill with every single update. Now, the game is a shit-fest. It showed some promise in the beginning, but $$$$loft turned it into a shit-fest. It went from grind to win to pay to win very quickly in the form of the latest update, which obviously added some horrible grenade explosion sounds (barring the 8-bit explosion sounds in the latest update of Fallen Nation and the Concussion grenade …
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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 31 January 2016

MC6 Trailer

Lol, I think some of you saw this already, but anyway Moneyloft released this.

[ ]

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DT Philosopher DT Philosopher 28 January 2016

I'm Back!!

Hey guys. It's DT here. I became extremely busy with schoolwork and studies, all that sort of stuff, but nowadays I'm doing fine at school so I decided that I should come back to this place and play my role as an admin once again. 

I still enjoy MC3, 4, 5 (although I play 4 more than the other two) and I think there is something I can still do here. 

Hope you guys are doing well. I'm happy to see how the wiki community expanded compared to the size it was last time I was here. Great job. 

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EndZone45 EndZone45 28 January 2016


Yet another nuke of mine playing some Team Battle on Recon. This nuke was achieved with my "Ol-Pumpy", the Defiler, which has grown to be one of my favourite weapons in the MC series. If I redid my Favourite Guns in MC history list, this weapon would be a lot higher. This nuke was completed in more or less 3 minutes.

Here's a nerve-bar for me (I guess you can call it that)

When you reach Satellite Scan - meh. Ok.

When you reach Airstrike - Hmm. not bad. Still not intense.

When you reach the Turret - Pretty good kill chain I got here. Fairly intense.

Helicopter Support - Intense.

Bomber - Intense as hell.

15-18 kills - Your heart is racing like nothing else.

19 kills - You start becoming hot and you can feel your heart on your chest.

20 kills - HELL…

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EndZone45 EndZone45 26 January 2016


Well, I've had some free time lately, which has allowed me to play the MCs from MC2 to MC5. And I've noticed that when I get killed in the multiplayer of the four games, I get T-Bagged. Seriously. Or, they just shoot at my corpse. Or, in MC3, since there are hosts that control the game, in team games, they repeatedly create a new match, end it, create another new match, end it, and finally create another match and I'm on the host's team and they don't do it anymore.

I honestly don't understand why this is so. Is it because people recognise me from the MC wiki? Is it because I'm pretty darn good at MC3? (Not trying to brag, but I've logged 1.28 K/D ever since I created EndZone49 for MC3 on Jan 12 and 3,000 kills). Or is it because they're a …

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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 25 January 2016


I know I have a similar blog post, but I just want to point out we have a Conception wikia for ideas instead of posting it on the blogs. The wikia can be found in my profile in my favorite wikias. Thank you.

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FrostRC FrostRC 23 January 2016

I kind of let my rage out....

Just look at the photo becuz I don't want to type more words.

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Corrupt715 Corrupt715 21 January 2016

MC2 In Depth Review

Modern Combat 2 was the first Modern Combat I ever played. It grew my love for the Modern Combat series and i still play it today. Here are the reasons this game has aged so well.

1. weapons- All weapons had strengths and weaknesses except for the AK-47 Gold and the MN106 Camo. Those are the only weapons I think are OP, although i know many will disagree and say the AK Silenced and th MN silenced were also overpowered. 

2. progression system- i liked the idea of getting XP unlock weapons, but after playing MC5, im not sure that would work in future games, but MC2 handled it fine.

3. the simplicity- it was good not having to worry about perks. Personally, i never used any and got kil after kil after kill.

4. maps- they were all beautiful and gr…

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EndZone45 EndZone45 21 January 2016

What MC3 Did Wrong

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. It's tied with its predecessor as my favourite Modern Combat games. But like everything in this world, it has problems.

First of all, this is one of the problems that has existed when the game came out and the issue is magnified ten times more today. It's the connection issues. Tell me that you haven't experienced "Connection Lost" or "Failed to save profile" when trying to log into Fallen Nation these days. It's crazy! And yes, these problems extend ALL the way back to when the game was released in 2011. So many times I log into MC3, find a match, then get kicked out two minutes later after joining the match saying "Failed to save profile" or "Connection lost". Ever since I created my EndZone49 Gameloft Live!…

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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 21 January 2016

MC6 Conception

Created a MC6 Conception wikia where you can out all your ideas. Just make a page and write your idea as it was already in MC6

To go to it. Go to my profile and look at favorite wikias. It is there.

Admins just join and I will promote you, plus I need to fix a lot of things since the wiki is new.

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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 21 January 2016

MC5 Tips and Tricks

Ever wondered how to get better at the game? Or barely began playing and want to know the basics? Well, you have come to the right place. 

First thing, you have to choose your suitable class and weapon. There are 5 classes (I won't be discussing about Bounty Hunters) currently with 7 unique weapons for each. So think...what type FPS gamer are you? A run-and-gunner, berserker, an unseen enemy, a CQC and explosive expert, or do you just want to help out your team? Each class also has a special skill tree. 

Do you like running and shooting your enemy at the same time? Do you like being swift and fight at close-mid range? You might want to be a Recon. They focus on hit and runs and exposing enemies. They equip SMGs and pistols. Their skills incl…

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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 20 January 2016

Energy Rifle

Dang, look at this OP beast. Let's hope something like this isn't added in MC6. 

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Corrupt715 Corrupt715 19 January 2016

Equipment Wishlist

1. lethal- C-4 that is placed with the MC5 sticky mine animation and mechanics, sticky mine, incendiary device.

2. defensive- shield, jammer, sentry, decoy

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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 19 January 2016

Grenade Challenge

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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 19 January 2016


Why? Whenever I capture the flag on MC5 and bring it back to my territory it doesn't let me. Happened to me 3 times and I keep getting killed and dropping the flag.

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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 19 January 2016

MC6 Grenades


Frag, Thermal, Sticky, Knives


Chaff, Flashbang, Gas, Cryo

Cryo slows you and reduce fire rate 

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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 19 January 2016

MC6 Killstreaks

You are able to choose, one is defensive, while the other is offensive

3 Kills :

  • Recon Aircraft : Scouts whole map. Can be shot down.
  • Attack Drone : Attacks nearby enemies within 10M. Can be shot down very easily.

5 Kills :

  • Healing : Heal teammates in selected area
  • Airstrike : Launches missiles in selected area

7 Kills : 

  • Auto-Turret : Stationary turret. Disappears when destroyed.
  • EMP : Jams radars, blurs vision and disables turrets / dronss. Lasts 1 minute, blur lasts 10 seconds.

9 Kills : 

  • Forcefield : All teammates sbsorb 40% damage for 5 seconds.
  • Full Assault : Increases all teammate's damage and speed by 20% for 5 seconds

15 Kills : 

  • Mech : Temporarily become an Executioner for 10 seconds, with 200% HP, but -30% speed.
  • Slow-Mo : All enemies suddenly…
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Corrupt715 Corrupt715 18 January 2016

'Nade Wishlist

To start this list, i want to say that the impact will not be in this list.

1. lethal- The frag, of course, the sticky, the thermite (incendiary), and the throwing knives.

2. non-lethal- Less powerful flash bang, stun, and tear gas

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Corrupt715 Corrupt715 18 January 2016

Killstreak Wishlist

This one is easy. like in MC4, you should chose the ones you want.

3 kills- uav, RC explosive car (RCXD)

5 kills- controlled airstrike from MC5, controlled artillery

7 kills- turret, ground drone, hover drone

9 kills- Helo support, EMP

15 kills- bomber, tank(?)

20 kills- Nuke

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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 18 January 2016

MC6 Rumors

No. Nope. No zombies. No Modern Combat 6 : Invasion. Zombies, would ruin it. 

We fight terriosts and corrupt security companies...zombies will kill it. If the rumors are true, then don't do it Gameloft. Seriously, make a new series for that. If MC6 turns out with this "zombie" thing, you will actually rethink MC5.

Well, some of you might like this zombie thing, but for me. It would just destroy the series.

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Corrupt715 Corrupt715 18 January 2016

Final Weapon Wishlist

i realized i forgot shotguns. The DBS-4 suprised me because it was a sawed off and was actually good but not OP. They should make a double barrel shot gun and have the option to saw it off as an attachment which adds more damage, less accuracy, less range, and more mobility. The MC3 Defiler was perfect all around, an auto like the ROAR 3000, and the R780.

Dont forget to comment and see other blog posts.

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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 18 January 2016


On of my friends told me the MC5 servers were empty. I was like wtf? I showed him a server and there was like 10 people. He said it was probab,y luck. I made another match and got 8 people. He said I got some sort of luck and says his highest amount was 6. I told him to go on a match. He got 9 people, so I don't see any problem. Lol. 

For the people saying Bounty Hunter is OP. You rarely see them. I have only seen a Bounty Hunter 4 times since the Holiday Update. I killed one and managed to get my hands on a SLS. Total OPness, weird crosshairs, but a auto-assist aim?! I was rekting everything. I got like 11 kills straight before a rocket came stumbling upon me. Really, they got to nerf it. Wait...that is just the first tier. So what the hec…

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WizardLord160 WizardLord160 18 January 2016


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