Blueprints are a mechanic used in Modern Combat 5: Blackout for unlocking new weapons, and as of Update XIX, are also used for upgrading weapons to higher Mks.


By default, new players begin with a Tier 1 primary weapon and Tier 1 secondary weapon unlocked for each class they own. To unlock higher-tier weapons for permenant ownership, players must earn weapon blueprints, with each weapon requiring a different amount of blueprints required to assemble the weapon (higher-tier weapons requiring larger numbers of blueprints). Weapons the player does not own can also be temporarily rented in exchange for Credits.

There are several ways that players can earn blueprints: They can be earned from Supply Packs, earned as end-of-match rewards or as rewards for completing Events, or from playing the Lottery Wheel. As of Update XVII, players can also purchase blueprints directly with Diamond Dust or Gear Tokens by selecting the weapon in question from a loadout in the player's armory.

Blueprints for the Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, and Kommander class, as well as Blueprints for Prestige weapons cannot be earned as end-of-match rewards (they can only be earned through Events, Supply Packs, or purchased with Diamond Dust or Gear Tokens).

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