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Bodybags is a multiplayer map available in Modern Combat: Sandstorm, and is based on the campaign mission Medical Emergency.

Modern Combat: Sandstorm Edit

TerrainTwo level hospital with upper hallways and lower parking lot
MissionMedical Emergency

Bodybags is a long, two-level map set in a hospital. The lower level is comprised of a small parking lot which continues underneath the overhanging upper floor. The parking lot is cluttered with various items such as wheelchairs and gurneys, along with boxes and cars for use as cover. There are multiple staircases at various locations to access the upper floor. The upper level is comprised of three long open hallways with little cover and a large patio area overlooking the lower level. The map is very symmetrical, and excellent for team matches. All four classes can be used effectively on Bodybags. The map is favored by snipers for its long lines of sight, and players using the shotgun tend to favor the stairways as ambush points.

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  • Players can shoot and throw grenades through the upper level windows.

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