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The Bosk 3 is a submachine gun featured in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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Bosk 3
MC5-Bosk 3
TypeSubmachine Gun
Likely based onMP7A2
Damage20 (Less than 15 tiles) - 14 (Further than 37 tiles)
Rate of fire600 RPM
MobilityExtremely High
Magazine size35 - 38 - 40
Starting ammo9 magazines
Reloading1 - 2 seconds
Fire modeAutomatic
Unlocked10 blueprints
MC5-Bosk 3-hud

The Bosk 3 is the Tier 5 submachine gun of the Recon class. The weapon features one of the highest damage outputs among SMGs, coupled with high accuracy. It is also one of the few SMGs besides the Krube-37 and the Bramson capable of equipping a grip to improve accuracy, giving it a relatively high effective range for a SMG as well as great hip fire accuracy. To top it off, the Bosk also boasts a large magazine size of 35 rounds by default, and up to 40 rounds with an extended magazine.

The Bosk 3 is generally performs best when hip-firing, and with a decent grip attached, one can hip-fire continuously up to close-medium ranges and still be effective. When firing while aiming down the sights, the Bosk has an omni-directional kick, though ADS is still recommended at long range.

Overall, the Bosk 3 is the most versatile weapon in the class. and is is one of the most popular SMGs in higher-league gameplay due to its impressive time-to-kill, top-tier mobility, comparatively high accuracy, and solid range.

  • Solid damage output
  • Second-best accuracy among SMGs (besides the Vosk 4) and can equip a grip
  • Top-tier mobility on par with pistols
  • Smooth recoil
  • Large magazine size
  • Fast reload
  • Lower rate of fire than some other SMGs
  • Omni-directional kick while ADS

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