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Bounty is a game mode in Modern Combat Versus.

The new Bounty game mode is Team Deathmatch with a twist: work with your team to eliminate enemies and collect the Data Chips they drop upon death. Collecting Data Chips gives your team points. Deny enemies from scoring points by picking up your eliminated teammates’ dropped data before your enemies do. The first team to score 100 points wins!

Regular Data Chips are worth 5 points. Players that are on a higher killstreak will drop more valuable Data Chips if they are eliminated. These special Data Chips can be worth 10 or 15 points depending on the killstreak. Players who are on higher killstreaks will have an icon above their head so all players will know that they’re a higher value target. It’s important to play as a team to protect high valued teammates, recover ally Chips, or flank enemies to ensure victory! Our goal with this game mode is to provide a fun and fresh experience that remains team-focused and plays on the strengths of our Agents. Attackers are still just as valuable as Defenders and each Agent has a role that can contribute to their team winning the game.

—Modern Combat Team[1]


Trivia :

Collecting data chips gives core charges

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