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The Bramson is an submachine gun in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added to the game in June 2015 update.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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TypeSubmachine Gun
Likely based onThompson SMG
Rate of fireHigh
Magazine size35 (Standard)
40 (Large magazine)
45 (Extended magazine)
Starting ammo45/630 (Extended magazine)
Max. ammo360
Reloading2 seconds~
Fire modeAutomatic

The Bramson is the Tier 7 weapon of Recon class. It features a similar statistical profile to that of the Bosk 3, sporting high accuracy, high rate of fire, and is capable of equipping a grip. Its magazine capacity is very high, starting at 35 rounds, which can be upgraded up to 45 rounds with an extended magazine.

Drawbacks to the Bramson include its noticible damage drop-off at longer ranges comparable to that of the Sabre-S2 and Krube-37. Its reload speed is also a slightly longer than that of other SMGs (utilizing a drum magazine like that of weapons such as the AX-100 Mk II).

The Bramson, along with the Bosk 3, are both popular in higher-league play, however many players prefer the Bosk 3 due to its higher mobility and overall more reliable performance. While others may prefer the Firecracker or Whisperer.

Comparison with Bosk 3Edit

Compared to the Bosk 3, the Bramson's rate of fire and accuracy statistics are higher, though the Bramson does have lower mobility than the Bosk 3, and is arguably is less effective in mid-long range firefights due to its omni-directional kick similar to that of the Krube-37. However, either weapon can be a very competitive choice if used correctly.

  • High rate of fire
  • High accuracy and ability to equip grip
  • Large magazine size
  • Solid time-to-kill at close range
  • Fairly long reload time for a SMG
  • Performance decreases at range
  • Omni-directional kick when ADS
  • Less mobility than the Bosk 3

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