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The Bravel-1 is an assault rifle that appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Bravel‑1   ACM   KT‑44   Maiden   TZ4‑Compakt   ZN6‑Prototype    
TypeAssault Rifle
Likely based onFN SCAR-H
UsersUnited States Army
Damage4 of 10 40-18
Rate of fire5 of 10 550~600 RPM
Range3 of 10
Accuracy6 of 10
Mobility4 of 10
Magazine size20 (Standard Mag)
30 (Extended mags)
Starting ammo170
Reloading1.3 seconds
Fire modeAutomatic
UnlockedRank 1


Appears in Used by Attachments
Operation Blockbuster James Walker ACOG Scope
Hostile Territories Phantom Unit
Surgical Strikes Phantom Unit

The Bravel-1 is a fairly common weapon in the campaign. The player starts with one with an attached ACOG Scope in Operation Blockbuster, as well as Hostile Territories, and Surgical Strikes in which it also has a suppressor and Red Dot Sight. It can be found in Martyrdom with a Red Dot Sight and a Grip attached.


Unlocked by default, the Bravel-1 is a good, balanced starting weapon, with low recoil, open iron sights, medium rate of fire, large crosshairs, high accuracy and a small magazine. Its relatively medium damage means that FMJ bullets make a marked improvement, and paired with an ACOG Scope, can make a great long-range weapon. The grip's usefulness is questionable, since the Bravel does not have much recoil. Due to the small 20-round magazine capacity, the Extended magazine attachment may also prove useful.

The Bravel-1 is a common weapon, even among higher-ranked players, thanks to its ease of use and high rate of fire.

  • Low recoil
  • High accuracy
  • Fast rate of fire
  • Open iron sights
  • Fast reload
  • Decent damage

Optional weapon attachmentsEdit

Attachment Price Effect
Red Dot Sight MC3 Credit2,000 Increases clarity of the sight.
Holographic Sight MC3 Credit4,000 Increases clarity even more.
ACOG Scope MC3 Credit2,000 Increases zoom when ADS.
Thermal Scope MC3 Credit6,000 Highlights humans.
Flash Hider MC3 Credit6,000 Increases accuracy and removes muzzle flash.
Grip MC3 Credit4,000 Reduces recoil.
Suppressor MC3 Credit4,000 Lowers firing noise and keeps the user off the radar when firing.
Extended magazine MC3 Credit2,000 Increases amount of ammunition per magazine.
FMJ rounds MC3 Credit6,000 Increases damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Sgt. Downs can apparently fire the Bravel-1 with one hand without much hardship as seen in Hostile Territories.
  • In Campaign Mode, the suppressor doesn't seem to affect the Bravel's damage to enemies as seen in Mission 4, whereas in multiplayer, it (and any other weapon) loses two damage rating points.
  • Its real-life counterpart seems to be a SCAR-L in terms of damage and fire rate, but is visually a SCAR-H.
  • There is 'FN Herstal Belgium', 'MK17 Mod 0' and '7.62mm' engraved on the side, the SCAR's US designation and real life manufacturer. Maybe the developers decided that the the weapons will not carry their real names on the last moment.
  • The bullets in the magazine are in 2D.


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