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Composition 4, also known as C4, is a remote-controlled bomb that appears in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusEdit


C4 is used by Razor Squad to blow up walls in the mission Embassy Assault, and by Mustang Squad to disable Dobrynya Popovich's submarine in To the Summit Pt. 2.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

C4 Explosive
MC3-C4 Explosive
EffectGives the player one remote-controlled C4 explosive per respawn
UnlockedRank 4
CostMC3 Credit5,000
C4 Explosive Elite
EffectBigger damage and range
CostMC3 Credit60,000

Campaign Edit

C4 is used by Anvil 1 and Phantom Unit to blow up walls and AA batteries.

Multiplayer Edit

C4 is an Equipment in MC3's multiplayer-mode. It can be purchased for 5,000 credits. Once equipped, there appears a button on the screen to place the device. Once placed, the button can be tapped again to detonate the C4. The bomb can be helpful in tactical gamemodes like Capture the Flag, Destruction, or Bomb Squad, especially as the blast radius of the C4 is the largest of any explosive in the game. The C4 can be destroyed by gunfire or explosions without going off, so a discrete placing is advised.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a text on the detonator saying "Smoking kills"

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

C4 Explosive
MC4-C4 Explosive
EffectGives the player one C4 per respawn
SpecializationFront Line
CostMC4 Cost 20,000

Campaign Edit

C4 is used by Edward Page to blow up the Iakoo Beach Resort in New World Order to slow down the US forces. C4 is also used by Downs and Blake in Hammerstrike to blow up a communication tower, where the C4 is planted onto a truck which is crashed into the tower.

Multiplayer Edit

The C4 is extremely uncommon in multiplayer. Despite of the large blast radius of C4, players rather spare their money for the Proximity Mine. Players also choose the Proximity Mine for user-friendliness, as the C4 is cumbersome to operate; it needs two taps to detonate, which can make it frustrating when a player has planted it down and wants it to detonate quickly. It can also be destroyed, just like with the other devices.

It can, however, be helpful to defend small corridors or flags/zones, however, for every purpose that the C4 does, the Proximity Mine can do better, as well as being more efficient.

  • Much larger blast radius than the Proximity Mine
  • Can be used to guard choke points
  • Needs to be manually detonated
  • Can be destroyed.


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