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The COM 4 is a launcher in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added to the game in the June 2015 update.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

S‑41 GL   HEV Mk 51   CTK‑88 Crumplor   ZAB IS07   SLAK 7H   LGR 35   COM 4   V.L.A.D.   Firefly    
Likely based onM202 FLASH
DamageAbove average (direct hit)
Splash damage is low
Magazine size4
Starting ammo0-2
Reloading3 seconds

The COM 4 is the Tier 7 rocket launcher of the Heavy class. It is a multi-barreled rocket launcher capable of unleashing 4 rockets back-to-back without reloading (with a delay of about 1 second in between launches). With the Boombastic skill fully upgraded, it receives an extra 2 rockets in reserve for a total of 6 rockets - twice the ammo of other rocket launchers in its class.

While it has lower damage statistics than the HEV Mk 51 and CTK-88 Crumplor, the COM 4's high armor penetration rating, better fire rate, and decent blast radius give it many advantageous, particularly against enemies with high explosive protection.

The COM-4 is a fairly popular launcher in higher-league multiplayer. While it lacks the rate of fire of SLAK 7H, its range makes it more viable for long-distance engagements or as an effective counter-sniper weapon, and its ammunition will not deplete nearly as fast.

  • Solid damage output
  • High accuracy
  • Largest ammo capacity among rocket launchers
  • Higher rate of fire than other rocket launchers
  • Decent mobility
  • Slow reload
  • Noticeably lower direct-hit damage than other rocket launchers
  • High visible recoil

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