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The CTS (Combat Telescopic Sight) is a sight that appears in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

RDS   High‑MOA RDS   Holographic   Tactical Holo   CTS   Drop Compensator   Thermal LCD   Advanced Holo   Low‑MOA RDS    
EffectTags enemies on the radar
DecreasesMobility (about 5%)
CostMC4 Cost 3000

The CTS Scope is the equivalent of the ACOG scopes in its predecessors. It is an attachment that can be attached on all assault rifles and sniper rifles. They have a 4x zoom of the target, which makes this scope effective for medium~long range combat. It is not recommended for close-range combat, for the zoom can slow down reaction and aiming speed. Therefore when in close combat, it is best to use hip-firing mode or other sights like Red Dot Sights or Holographic Sights.

Special feature Edit

Along with the Tactical Holo, the CTS has a special feature. When aimed at an enemy, the enemy is visible as a red dot on the map for all players of your team. This effect only occurs when there are no objects between the player and the target, and lasts for three seconds. This feature is especially useful if the player has Integrated Radar equipped, so the player can see where the enemy has gone through walls.

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit


The CTS Scope reappears in MC5. It is a scope available for sniper rifles featuring 4X zoom, the same as that of the Aim ACOG. While the short range of the CTS compared to other sniper scopes may be a disadvantage at long-range sniping, it makes close-mid range engagements more viable with using sniper rifles.

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