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> For the equipment in other Modern Combat games, see Camouflage.

Camos are a type of attachment in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout[]

Camos are various color schemes which can be equipped to weapons and armors. They are primarily for cosmetic purposes and do not offer any statistical enhancements. Camos can be acquired via Supply Packs, the Black Market, or special bundles or events.

Weapon camos[]

Regular primary and secondary weapons (T1-T7) start with a default camo; after performing the first upgrade, a "Pro" camo with a gold hue is unlocked for the weapon in question, and alternate camos are capable of being equipped.

Prestige weapons start with a default camo, and provide an unlockable option for full color spectrum customization.

(It is worth noting that certain weapons, such as Sapper lack the ability to equip alternate camos)

Armor camos and masks[]

Armors likewise start with with a default camo, and alternate camos and masks are capable of being equipped.

It is worth noting that one should not to confuse masks (which are cosmetic attachments) with the armor's actual helmet. (e.x. the Assassin mask can be equipped on top of the Samurai helmet for a unique appearance, and will still retain the unique perk of the Samurai helmet).