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Canals is a map in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout[edit | edit source]

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Canals is one of the largest maps in Blackout. Teams begin at the north and south points of the map, divided by a large central plaza, as well as alternate routes along the east and west locations which take players through the surrounding buildings.

The large, open areas of the map, and the balconies in the central plaza which can be accessed via staircases in adjacent buildings make it a map geared toward sniping and long-range combat. Players will need to take care not to be caught out in the wide open areas, and can take refuge in buildings and alleys instead.

Canals is not an extremely popular map in Team Battle or Free-For-All, as its large size and confusing network of buildings and alleyways to traverse lends itself to slow-paced matches, however it is a popular map in Capture the Flag mode, offering a direct route to the flag through the center pathway, as well as alternate "backdoor" paths to the flag via the long routes to the east and the west.

In Cargo mode, the Cargo is moved along a tight route through the center alleys, which tends to result in a more close-quarters style of combat.

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