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Cas&Poll is a set of dual-wielded Prestige submachine guns featured in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

RVK‑09   RAK‑32   RUN‑91   Prok   Tonn   Rokk   Zekk   Hans&Gret   Cas&Poll    
TypeSubmachine Gun
Rate of fireExtremely High
Magazine size35-38-40 (per weapon); 70-76-80 (combined)
Fire modeAutomatic
TierT9 Prestige
The brother weapons, Cas&Poll were designed to deal extreme punishment with a powerful explosive shot that is created by charging the inside of the weapons until they reach the last bullets in the magazine, and then releasing them at high speed with the ability to deal increased damage.

Cas&Poll is a dual-wielded Prestige submachine gun set exclusive to the the Marauder class. The weapon features an insanely high rate of fire surpassing even notable weapons such as the Grinder. (By default, Cas&Poll is capable of dispensing 20 bullets per second, and up to 32 bullets per second with an upgraded Rapid Fire skill activated).

The weapon also sports decent damage, above-average accuracy and range, maximum armor penetration, as well as a large magazine size - making it the best all-around SMG option in nearly every category.

In addition, the weapon features a special mechanic in which the last few bullets in the magazine deal an increased amount of explosive damage (this feature gives the weapon a potential edge against the Kommander class in specific, as explosive damage can penetrate the Kommander's shield).

  • Maximum armor penetration
  • Unrivaled rate of fire (the highest of any weapon available)
  • Above average accuracy and range for a weapon in its class
  • Among the fastest times-to-kill in the game if aimed accurately
  • Large magazine
  • Special mechanic which allows last bullets in magazine to deal explosive damage


  • Cas&Poll are emblazoned with the Gilman Security insignia.
  • The weapon name is likely a reference to Castor & Pollux, who were half-twin brothers in Greek Mythology.

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