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The M16 Rifle. Assault rifles based on the M16 are featured in much of the Modern Combat series.

An Assault Rifle is a type of weapon in the Modern Combat series. It bridges the gap between light machine guns and submachine guns. Assault rifles are effective at medium range, but the individual stats of the assault rifle can determine other effective ranges. Generally. Assault Rifles with high damage, low rate of fire and low recoil are more effective at medium to long ranges. On the other hand, assault rifles with low damage, high rate of fire, and high recoil are effective at close to medium ranges. Assault rifles with qualities that fall in between the two aforementioned types can perform well at all ranges with some exceptions.

List of Assault Rifles in the Modern Combat Series[]

Modern Combat: Sandstorm[]

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus[]

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation[]

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour[]

The Charbtek-28

Modern Combat 5: Blackout[]

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