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M249 Real life

The M249 light machine gun, a staple in early Modern Combat titles.

A light machine gun (LMG) is a type of weapon in the Modern Combat series. Light machine guns carry high amounts of ammo in their magazines (typically 100), allowing them to be fired for extended periods of time. The drawbacks of light machine guns are that they are heavy, making the player carrying them move and aim much slower than when using other guns. Hip-fire is also very inaccurate, making Light Machine Guns a disadvantage in close-quarters combat. They are best used for support and while stationary, rather than offensively.

Compared to assault rifles, light machine guns in the Modern Combat series do more damage but have more recoil. With the release of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, one notable thing to be said is that the addition of a Grip can greatly lessen the recoil of a LMG, allowing for a completely different play style.

Light machine guns do not appear in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, although the Charbtek-28 is a close resemblance.

The Support class, along with the light machine guns, were added to Modern Combat 5: Blackout in the Spring Update. Unlike in previous games in the series, LMGs do not have more recoil than assault rifles. The rate of fire is slightly higher and the magazine sizes are significantly higher. This is balanced by longer reload times and slower handling and mobility traits.

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