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Maps are virtual environments where a set number of players do battle against opposing players. There are various elements and themes in these battlefields, ranging from snowy environments, desert terrain, to urban areass.

Modern Combat: SandstormEdit

Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusEdit

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

MC4-Paradise Paradise
MC4-Dog Days Dog Days
MC4-Overtime Overtime
MC4-Legion Legion
MC4-Congress Congress
MC4-Alert Alert
MC4-Blockbuster Blockbuster
MC4-Landfall Landfall
MC4-Backfire Backfire (DLC)
MC4-Extraction Extraction (DLC)
MC4-Fracture Fracture (DLC)

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Modern Combat Versus Edit

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