Grenades are explosive devices which can be thrown at enemies to deal explosive damage or produce other harmful effects. They do not damages allies but can damage or kill the player throwing them (being killed by one's own grenade earns the player a "suicide" while results in a -1 from the player's kill count).

Grenades can be "cooked" by holding the grenade-throw button before releasing, which allows them to explode sooner after being thrown (however cooking grenades too long can result in them exploding in the player's face).

In the Campaign, grenades thrown by enemies can be thrown back by pressing the grenade-throw button when in proximity of them (marked by a red grenade icon on the player's screen), however this feature is absent in multiplayer.

Grenade typesEdit

Frag Grenade Edit

Triggers an explosion when the timer expires. The explosion instantly deals enough damage to kill an enemy standing in the center of the blast, and severely damages those within a 5-meter radius.

Concussion Grenade Edit

Triggers an explosion when the timer expires. The explosion instantly deals enough damage to kill an enemy standing in the center of the blast, and severely damages those within a 3-meter radius. However it has a shorter time until detonation than the Frag grenade, and will explode sooner after thrown.

Nail Grenade Edit

A grenade that, on exploding, throws nails in all directions. It has a wider blast radius than the Frag or Concussion grenade, but does less damage at the center of the blast.

Flash Grenade Edit

Upon touching any surface, blinds everyone for about 4 seconds. Players start with 2 flash grenades by default. In the campaign, flash grenades will startle enemy soldiers and cause them to move to a different position, but have little other noticeable effect.

Chaff Grenade Edit

Upon touching any surface, disables all devices in a 7-meter radius. Also jams the radars of enemies in the area for 10 seconds. In the campaign, the chaff grenade will stop enemy soldiers from firing for about 3 seconds, and has a brief stunning effect if the grenade makes direct contact with a soldier. Chaff grenades will also stop enemy hover drones in the vicinity from firing on the player for about 10 seconds.

Impact Grenade Edit

A grenade that detonates instantly when striking any surface, but does less explosive damage than other grenades.

Sticky Mine Edit

Technically not a grenade; a mine which can be planted on floors or walls which detonates on close proximity with enemies. Can be shot or destroyed from a distance. Only 1 Sticky Mine can be placed by the player at a time (e.x. placing another mine after respawning will cause the previous mine to disappear from the map).

Cryo-Cluster Grenade Edit

A cryogenic grenade which slows down enemies, and continues to deal damage to an enemy for several seconds after. Available only via the Sapper class's Frostblast special ability. Unlike other grenades, it cannot be 'cooked' before throwing and replenishes automatically when the Frostblast ability recharges.

Grenade enhancementsEdit

Players can add special enhancements to their grenades and mines (including toxins, cryogenics, and EMP effects) by equipping specific Armor Cores. Both lethal (e.x. frag) and non-lethal (e.x. flash) grenades will benefit from the enhancements as listed below.

Toxic AreaEdit

The Toxic Area Armor Core adds toxins to the player's grenades which slow down enemies' movement speed significantly and deal a small amount of damage to affected enemies for a short period of time. After exploding, the toxins will linger around the blast area for a short amount of time and will be invisible to the naked eye; any enemy who comes in contact with the toxins before they dissipate will be affected. (Toxic Area will also work with the Cyro-Cluster grenades of the Sapper's Frostblast ability).


The Snowflake Armor Core adds a cryogenic effect to the player's grenades and mines (similar to that of the Sapper's Frostblast ability) which slows down enemies' movement speed slightly and reduces their rate of fire for a short period of time.


Available to the Bounty Hunter class only. The Disruptor Armor Core adds an EMP effect (like that of the chaff grenade) to all other grenades and mines, causing enemies to be affected with EMP for several seconds.

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