Prestige weapons in Modern Combat 5: Blackout are high-tier weapons available in each weapon category. All Prestige weapons come by default with a 100% armour penetration statistic - and, unlike standard weapons, have a unique upgrade system for unlocking Prestige attachments.

Prestige weapons are unable to equip weapon trinkets and weapon camos, however the player has the option to customize the weapon's appearance using three sets of colors. Most Prestige weapons employ a highly unique feature or mechanic that makes them stand out from more conventional weapons.

Prestige weapons dropped by defeated opponents in-game appear as a red icon, and can only be picked up by a player using the a class capable of equipping that type of weapon or wearing the Oni Helmet (e.x. only a player using the Assault class can pick up a dropped Enforcer or Grinder), otherwise trying to pick up a dropped Prestige weapon results in the weapon self-destructing.

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