The assassin class is the most agile and versitle class in the game. This class specializes in speed, efficiency, and doing high amounts of damage to a single target. Given their low-health, their performance will be greatly decreased when going against groups or a Defender Agent.

Agents Edit

The first agent to be unlocked in this class is Mi-Nu, who boasts a core ability that increases speed and gives a health boost upon activation.

Skills and uses Edit

  • The assassin class is fast, which means they can get to the objective in objective-based game modes quicker than their slower counterparts.
  • Assassins tend to possess abilities that enable you to win one-on-one firefights. For example, Mi-Nu's skill can regenerate your HP while also giving you a speed boost, which can be used to flank or rush an opposing agent.
  • The Assassin class is agile, which makes them efficient dodgers. This is useful for when a captured objective is being contested; you can strafe and make opponents waste both time and ammo, keeping the objective contested until backup arrives.

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