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Skills are modifiers that appear in the multiplayer aspects of every game since Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. (Certain skills are also in effect in the Campaign modes of certain games - such as Modern Combat 5: Blackout). Skills provide various enhancements, such as improving the effectiveness of the player's weapons and armor, increasing reload speed or health regeneration rate, as well as more unique abilities.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Edit

In MC2, the player can select one skill to play with before a match.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Skills and Equipment are both perks in MC3. Skills affect the player's properties (like Stealth), and Equipment adds special items to he player's inventory (like C4 Explosives). If a Skill or Equipment is bought (MC3 Credit5000), the Elite version is unlocked and can be bought for MC3 Credit60000.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Most skills in MC4 are specific for the Specialization they belong to. Some skills, however, are available in multiple specializations.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit


In Modern Combat 5: Blackout, each soldier class has a skill tree with its own unique skills. Skills are unlocked with Skill Points (SP) which can be earned by leveling up, playing missions or events, as well as purchased via certain bundles. Some skills take affect in the Campaign, but others are only in effect in multiplayer mode.

Every class has 8 skill categories. The 3rd skill for each class is a Special Ability (such as the Assault Class's Berzerk ability) which can be manually activated in-game (with the exception of the Recon class's Reveal skill, which is a passive ability unless the player is equipped with the Seer Armor Core - which changes it to an improved active ability).

Assault Heavy Recon Sniper Support Bounty Hunter Sapper X1‑Morph Kommander Marauder

To activate the Special Ability, the player must press the "Cycle Grenade / Ability" button to swap between grenades and Special Abilities; and then activate the ability by pressing the same button used for grenade-throwing.

Special abilities are not active in the Campaign; in most missions however, the player instead has the ability to manually deploy recon drones (of which the player has an unlimited supply) which function the same as those of the recon drone deployed via Military Support in multiplayer games.

Likewise, the 8th skill in each class is a Synergy Skill, which provides a special benefit to all teammates within the vicinity of the player - for example, the Assault class' Synergy Assault skill provides nearby teammates a boost in damage. (The Kommander is the only class whose 8th skill does not have "Synergy" in its name).

Below the player's radar are 5 slots which show which Synergy Skill benefits they are currently receiving from nearby teammates:


Multiplayer "Tier List"Edit

The following a "tier list" of class skills ranked based on their potential usefulness in high-league multiplayer gameplay. (Skills not listed are considered mid-low tier and as such may not be as signfiicant in higher leagues) - keep in mind this list is not official and is subject to change.

Top TierEdit

High TierEdit

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