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Conversion is a map introduced in Modern Combat 5: Blackout in patch 1.8 as a replacement for Overtime.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout[edit | edit source]

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Conversion is set in a large indoor facility comprised of two main floors which converge with central area in the center of the map surrounded by yellow walls which can be accessed from both floors, consisting of a tall cylinder-like mechanism surrounded by yellow walls.

The lower floor contains a large warehouse area with many open spaces which can effectively be traversed 360 degrees around the map, with staircases at the north and south leading to the second floor. The second level consists of long hallways in the north and south, along with two narrow bridges running north to south which connect the top and bottom sections; the bridges also have gaps in the walls which can be scaled to reach the ground floor. Traversing inside the central area from the second floor gives access to an overhead catwalk which provides a good vantage point against enemies below.

Combat in conversion tends to be close-mid range, with the lower floor offering wider open areas than the upper tunnels; staying close to the walls and using cover when traversing the lower floor is a safer option than running out into the open. The Sniper class may be at a disadvantage here, as the large number of walls, corners, and boxes scattered across the map can make it difficult to get a clear shot at enemies. The Reveal Skill of the Recon class will provide a great benefit due to the confusing structure of the map. Despite being an indoor area, the Bomber tends to be very deadly in Conversion due to the large amount of open spaces (as the bombs can penetrate the glass canopies on the ceiling). The Recon aircraft also tends to be untargetable though the ceiling, however occasionally it can be spotted through sections of glass windows on the walls on the ground level.

Overall, Conversion is one of the less popular maps in multiplayer due to its convoluted and confusing nature, with its multitude of obscure pathways making it difficult to memorize.

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