Icon mcv
Icon Assassin Assassin
WeaponKuru Dark
  • Silencer
AbilityCreeper-ability Vortex Rattle
Ultimate abilityChemtrail
Alternate actionAim Down Sights

Background Edit

I enjoy And in my games...I embrace the darkness. Not just the shadows at its fringes...those are for the weak. No, I seek to immerse myself completely in the vileness our society offers. The injustice...the grotesqueries...the violence... They fuel me.

Other Agents will bore you with stories of tortured childhoods...troubling behavioral patterns... Justifications, all. I will offer you none of this. I have no past...and if I thrive today, it is due to the depravity and chaos of this city I, in turn, thrive in. More of my kind will come forth, as long as the state of this world remains the same. Perhaps we will become the turning point the world desperately needs...a swarm of Creepers, spreading sickness in our wake...

After all, they say that a common enemy can unite even the most divided of peoples.

Description Edit

Creeper is an Assassin agent in Modern Combat Versus.

Ability Edit

Vortex Rattle allows Creeper to teleport in the direction he is moving.

Alternative Action Edit

Aim Down Sights

Quotes Edit

When purchased Edit

  • "Yes... Agent unlocked!"

When selected Edit

  • "Choose me..."
  • "Embrace the darkness..."
  • "I see you..."
  • "Come closer..."
  • "Let us play..."
  • "Come with me..."

When deployed Edit

  • "Your hair smells pretty... Did you wash it last week?"
  • "You have not seen true cruelty..."
  • "Death awaits..."
  • "I shiver with anticipation!"
  • "The flesh crawls..."
  • "Yes, this world will die."
  • 'Distortion is but a tool!'

Respawning Edit

  • "I've returned..."
  • "I've picked up your scent..."
  • "I cannot be killed."
  • "My work continues..."
  • "Death is but a state of mind."
  • "The darkness returns!"

Killing an enemy Edit

  • "Shh... Sleep now."
  • "Death is a comfort."
  • "Excellent."
  • "Die..."
  • "Delectable..."
  • "Feels so good..."
  • "THREE lives!"
  • "Three lives taken!"
  • "Three tasty lives!"
  • "Four lives taken!"
  • "FOUR!"
  • "Four souls..."
  • "FIVE lives!"
  • "Five souls taken... *long laugh*"
  • "Yes... Five!"
  • "Killing spree!"
  • "All will suffer!"
  • "Die! Die! DIE!"
  • "Next time, beg." (Revenge kill)
  • "Something to be savored." (Revenge kill)

Activating ability Edit

  • "Distortion is but a tool."
  • "Entering the vortex!"
  • "Time is my plaything!"
  • "The abyss calls me..."
  • "This will be over soon..." (Enemy only)
  • "Soon, we will be together..." (Enemy only)
  • "Disoriented? Good." (Enemy only)
  • "Do not blink." (Enemy only)

Victory Edit

  • "This is only the beginning..."
  • "Tonight, we feast."
  • "Blood has been spilled today."
  • "Do you feel alive? I do..."
  • "We must all follow our urges..."

Defeat Edit

  • "We have failed."
  • "We are forsaken."

Quick Chat Edit

Group Up Edit

  • "Come to me!"
  • "You are needed here!"
  • "Over here!"

Ability Status Edit

  • "Preparing vortex..."
  • "I am charging..."
  • "Vortex charging..."
  • "Ability is prepared."
  • "Vortex Rattle ready..."
  • "The vortex is ready!"

Affirmative Edit

  • "I understand..."
  • "Yes, yes..."
  • "Mm-hm..."

Thanks Edit

  • "Thank you..."
  • "Yes..."
  • "Good...good!"

Hello Edit

  • "I see you..."
  • "Hello..."
  • "Greetings!"

Voice Lines Edit

  • "Take a bite... You might like it!"
  • "No one is innocent..."
  • "Cruelty is a blessing..."

Skins Edit

  • Default
  • Immortal

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